Vintage Victorian Poinsettia Ornament

This “Vintage Victorian Poinsettia ornament” was inspired by a project I found here on Pinterest.  The original used lace and a foam ball, I opted to give it a try with Makin’s Clay® and a Smoothfoam™ ball.    They used stain to color their ornament, but I used DecoArt®’s Americana Decor Creme Wax for a similar effect. 


3” Smoothfoam™ ball 
Makin’s Clay® - white or natural 
Makin’s® Christmas Nature push mold 
Beacon™ 3-in-1 Adhesive 
DecoArt® Americana Decor™ Creme Wax - Golden Brown
ART Mechanique satin ribbon


Use Christmas Nature push mold and white or natural Makin’s Clay® to make several poinsettias in both sizes. 

Mount poinsettias to Smoothfoam™ ball, with petals touching as closely as possible, with Beacon™ 3-in-1 adhesive.  Let dry 24 hours.  Leave hole in ball uncovered for ribbon.

Apply Golden Brown DecoArt® Americana Decor™ Creme Wax to entire ball.  While still wet, use damp paper towel to wipe away, leaving was only in recessed areas and slightly staining clay. 

Add green satin ribbon loop into hole on top of ornament.  Glue in place with 3-in-1.   Tie bow bow with same ribbon around loop. 


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