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Monday, August 27, 2018

Artist Trading Coins

I'm working on a special project which involves creating a variety of Artist Trading Coins - the newest trend in artist trading options!  Many of my Makin's® & Makin's Professional® tools have been instrumental while creating these pieces!  It seems like I'm always reaching for one of these tools when working with clay!  Here's just a glimpse at what I've been creating - stay tuned for the finished projects!

My Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® was key for accenting this Asian inspired coin.  My Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Tools came in handy in several ways, including the sphere tool used to add details on this copper & turquoise coin.  And one of my favorite Makin's® texture sheets - the honeycomb - was used to texture the base of a bee themed coin.   

Friday, August 10, 2018

Captured Fairy Jar

The theme for the July Create Along Box was Enchantment.  Included in the box was this awesome rose vine silkscreen which I immediately envisioned using to etch glass!   Combined with the fairies on the Magic Transfer Paper in the box, the logical choice seemed to make a captured fairy jar!   etchall® Creme worked perfectly with the silkscreen, and etchall® Dip n' Etch gave the inside of the jar a subtle frosted look too, resulting in a dimensional etched effect. 


Smooth sided jar 
etchall® Squeegee 
etchall® Dip n’ Etch 
CreateAlong.com Enchanted Rose Vine Silkscreen
CreateAlong.com - Magic Transfer Paper - Fairies (from July “Create Along Box”) 
premo! Sculpey® - White 
Clay roller 
Spanish moss
Green leaf trim ribbon 
Craft knife 
Beacon 527 Adhesive™
Loew-Cornell TransformMason LED Lighted Lid Insert
2 AAA batteries 


Place silkscreen orange side down over jar, tape in place on both ends.  

Carefully apply etchall® Creme with squeegee.  Let set 15 minutes.  Return cream to bottle (etchall® is re-usable!).  Carefully remove stencil and wash jar, and silkscreen, and let dry thoroughly.   

Repeat on opposite side of jar. 

Fill jar with etchall® Dip n’ Etch liquid.   Let set 15 minutes.  Return to bottle (it’s reusable!) and wash jar thoroughly.  Let dry completely. 

Roll white clay to about 1/8” thick.  Cut out fairy image from Magic Transfer Paper.  Place face down onto rolled clay.  Burnish lightly.  Let set about 20 minutes (you will be able to tell when the paper starts to “adhere” to the clay).  Add a few drops of warm water and let the paper dissolve.  Carefully rinse away the paper.  

Use craft knife to cut around the fairy image.  Bake according to manufacturer instructions.

Add a small amount of Beacon 527 Adhesive to bottom of fairy.   Mount inside jar, up against one side of the jar.  Let adhesive dry completely. 

Add a bit of Spanish moss around the bottom of the jar, carefully placing a few pieces in front of the bottom of the fairy. 

Insert batteries into the Loew-Cornell TransformMason LED Lighted Lid Insert and place over top of jar.  Add lid ring.   

Wrap leaf ribbon around the lid ring multiple times and tie in place. 

Push the button on the lid and illuminate your captured fairy within the jar….