etchall® Etched Glass Peppermint Candy Dessert Dish

It’s easy to create these fun peppermint candy themed dessert plates for the holiday season with etchall® and DecoArt® products.

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Clear glass plate
etchall® Etchmask® 
DecoArt® Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels® - Red 
Marker, ruler, scissors 

1.  Trace plate onto Etchmask®.  Use ruler to find center of circle, mark.  Draw triangle swirl from center point to outside of circle.    

2.  Cut out swirl triangle.  Trace onto circle 4 more times, cut out.  Apply pieces to back of clear  glass plate. 

3.  Apply etchall® creme to back of plate in open areas.  Let set 15 minutes.  Return creme to bottle, rinse plate to clean and remove Etchmask®.  Let dry.

4.  Apply DecoArt® Crystal Gloss Enamels to non-etched areas on back of plate.  Let dry, apply second coat.  Let dry.  Follow manufacturer instructions to heat set on glass.


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