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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bronze Glitz Pendant - Connie Crystal

Bronze Glitz Pendant 

Designed for
Connie Crystal
Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes™

Connie Crystal beads and a pendant accented with delicate Piccolo charm embellishments that coordinate with a bronze focal bead give this piece a feeling of understated glitz & glam.


Connie Crystal - bronze crystal beads, clear crystal beads, clear crystal pendant, bronze swirl metallic bead
Piccolo Charms Vintage Lock & Keys Necklace Set
Krylon Pale Gold Leafing Pen
Gold eye pins - 3
Globecraft Memories Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
Gold chain, closure finding
Jewelry pliers


Measure and cut gold chain to desired length.  Add closure.  Cut in half in front of chain.

Add 1 clear crystal bead and 1 bronze crystal bead to a gold eye pin.  Cut and form loop at opposite end.  Repeat to create total of 2.

Place gold eye pin through bronze metal bead with non-eye end on bottom.  Wrap bottom of eye pin through crystal pendant and create loop to hold in place.

Remove 4 small swirl accents from Piccolo charm set.   Color with Pale Gold Leafing Pen.  Use Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze to adhere to  alternate panels on crystal pendant, near bottom.

Attach two pins with 2 crystal beads to bronze swirl metal bead, then attach gold chain to head of each of the crystal bead pins.

Friday, December 21, 2012

PEACE with Rit Dye

Let there be PEACE this holiday season - give the gift of "Peace Cookies" in a jar and a hand-made ornament featuring Rit Dye, twine from The Twinery, and a funky Blumenthal Lansing button!  Find the full tutorial on the Rit Dye site.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Bit of Bronze Bling with Sparkle

Bronze meets bling - you can find the full instructions on how I combined Connie Crystals and Piccolo charms from GlobeCraft Memories at the CC blog here  I love designing new mixed-media projects - they challenge me to think outside the box! - Cindi

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ombre Onesies with Rit Liquid Dye & Spellbinders!

In this episode of When Creativity Knocks - we transform Rit Liquid Dye, Spellbinders and JudiKins products into adorable ombre onesies!  (And we say "Ombre" a lot - hey, we like that word.)  Enjoy! - Cindi

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feather Tree & Paper Birds

This feather tree with shimmering paper birds was a project originally created last year for my Cindi's Simple Solutions column for the When Creativity Knocks Creative Journal - but I think it would fit right in with the holiday decorating trends I've been spotting this year in the magazines so I'm sharing it again here.

The tree itself came together in less than a half hour.    Based on a decoration my sons made at school several years ago, the simple little birds add a touch of nature along with a bit of sparkle.  


Krylon Silver Leafing Pen
Bamboo skewer
Wooden spool
White feathers approximately 4-5” long
The Robin's Nest Calamity Jane patterned paper
Glue gun & glue sticks
JudiKins Diamond Glaze and Quicksilver Roxs 
White thread
Use the silver leafing pen to color the bamboo skewer and spool.   Hot glue the skewer to center of the spool for base of tree. 

Begin at the bottom of the tree with the largest feathers and hot glue 5 evenly spaced around the bottom of the tree.   Continue upward reducing the size of the feathers slightly by trimming them with scissors.


Cut 7 small (approximately 1”) basic side view bird images from patterned paper.    Cut 7 rectangles from patterned paper approximately 1” x 1 1/2”. 

Accordion fold the rectangles at approximately 1/8” intervals.

Cut small slit horizontally in center wing area of each bird.   Slip through folded paper, bend upward and hot glue together to create wings.

Apply Diamond Glaze to back (white) side of birds.  While wet, coat with Quicksilver Roxs.  The chunkier texture of Roxs adds great texture and shine to catch the light on your little birds.

Hot glue white thread loops to back of wings on birds.  Hang from tree.

Cut approximately 5” circle from patterned paper.  Apply thin line of Diamond Glaze around top outside edge and sprinkle with Roxs.  Hot glue spool to center. - Happy Holiday Crafting! - Cindi

Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Ornament Gift Box

A 3” Smoothfoam ball is the base of this ornament which also serves as a gift box for a small treasure.


Smoothfoam 3” ball
Plaid Mod Podge
Connie Crystals - blue, red
Silver wire
Foam brush
1/4” Ribbon
Reindeer paper from BasicGrey Blitzen Collection
Westcott Premium TrimAir Titanium Paper Trimmer
Westcott Craft Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Westcott Craft Hobby Knife
Red felt
Velcro Brand Sticky Back Fasteners


Carefully cut ball in half with craft knife.

Use a spoon (grapefruit spoon makes it easier as it has a grooved edge) to hollow out inside of both halves of ball.

Cut 1/2”  x 2” strips of patterned paper and Mod Podge onto top and bottom outsides of ball, overlapping each piece slightly.  Let dry. 

Cut 1 1/2” strip of wire, add small blue crystal bead and medium red crystal bead and insert through bottom center of ball.

Cut 4” strip of wire, add medium red crystal bead, medium green crystal bead, and small blue crystal bead.  Insert through top center of ornament.  Create loop at end to attach ribbon.

Cut felt to fit in bottom of both halves, mount.  Cut strips of felt to fit around inside of balls, mount against base piece of felt in each half.

Cut ribbon to wrap around center of ornament.  Glue ribbon in place on bottom of TOP of ornament,
extending downward so it will cover the edge of the bottom half when the ornament is “closed." 

Mount 1" strip of ribbon vertically along back center of ball (this will be your “hinge").

Mount small piece of sticky backed Velcro to inside center front of box to hold ornament closed. 

Creating hand-made ornaments each year is part of our family tradition - why not start your own tradition, and collection, this year? - Cindi

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowflake Lights with JudiKins & Spellbinders

In the latest episode of WCK, we share how to use Spellbinders & JudiKins products to create sparkling snowflake lights for your holiday decorating - you can watch it here.

My newest product review is also live - JudiKins Diamond Glaze.

And finally, for today at least, here's my latest Cindi's Simple Solutions project for WCK - Countdown to Christmas night shirts or t-shirts featuring the KellyCraft Get-it-Straight Laser Square and Tulip Fabric Markers from I Love to Create! 

I hope you are inspired to Cre8time for a little holiday crafting soon! - Cindi

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Winter's Day - Get-it-Straight with KellyCraft!

The KellyCraft Get-it-Straight Laser Square made creating this mixed-media canvas simpler!   Find the full instructions on the KellyCraft blog - http://kellycraftblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-winters-day-mixed-media-canvas-with.html

And, today's the day for the December Designer Craft Connection blog hop - so take the time to hop through the participating designer's blogs to see what they are sharing this month by clicking on the  DCC link in the left column.   - Happy Crafting! Cindi

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Captured Carousel Ornament - Connie Crystal & GlobeCraft

Connie Crystal adds a shimmer and sparkle to this ornament created with a Globecraft Memories and Piccolo products.

Designed for
Connie Crystal
Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes™


Connie Crystals
Globecraft Memories Create & Craft Ornament - Portrait 

Piccolo Beautiful Horses Charm Set
Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze
Cool Set Enameling Gel - Dark Green
Patterned Paper
Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors
Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue
White acrylic paint, paint brush
Sakura gel pens


Trace two outer ovals from ornament kit onto patterned paper and cut out.

Mount paper ovals to one side of outside ovals for ornament.  

Paint front and back of middle oval from ornament kit with dark green Cool Set Enameling Gel.  Let dry.

Cut wire to approximately 5”.

Add Connie Crystals that coordinate with the patterned paper to wire.   

Assemble one side of ornament with globe as per instructions (outer oval, globe, inner oval).  Insert wire between ovals to hold in place.  Trim excess wire. Let dry.

Remove horse from charm set.  Paint front and back with white acrylic paint. 

Use coordinating gel pens to decorate both sides of painted horse to resemble carousel horse.

Apply Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze to both sides of finished horse to seal and add shine.  Let dry.

Cut 3 strips of coordinating ribbons, tie around top of crystal “pole” in ornament.

Mount carousel horse charm to center of crystal “pole” in ornament. 

Assemble back of ornament.   

Apply a coat of Glastique Gloss Finishing Glaze to patterned paper on oval on front and back of ornament. Let dry.

Add hanging ribbon to eye at top of ornament.