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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vintage Bottle Cap Cabinet Knobs

I found these vintage bottle caps at an antique shop in Virginia and knew just what I wanted to do
with them!  Find my full instructions on how to use Beacon Adhesives and ETI Envirotex resin to create your own bottle cap knobs here in my most recent Cindi's Simple Solutions article at When Creativity Knocks.

Whether you use vintage soda bottle caps, caps from your favorite soda, or caps from fun assorted beers collected on vacations, making custom bottle cap cabinet knobs is an easy and affordable option for a fun twist in your home-decor! 
  • Bottle caps 
  • Jewelry pliers 
  • Small flat top cabinet knobs (small enough to fit beneath the caps when they are slightly flared)
  • ETI EnviroTex™ Jewelry Resin  (www.ETI-USA.com)
  • Beacon™ 527 Adhesives (www.BeaconAdhesives.com
1. Use jewelry pliers to slightly bend/flare rim of bottle caps outward to fit over knob. 
2. Mix EnviroTex™ Jewelry Resin according to manufacturer instructions.
3. Apply a light coat to the face of each bottle cap.  Set aside to cure 24 hours.  
4. Fill inside of bottle cap completely with Beacon™ 527 adhesive.  
5.  Carefully insert bottle cap over adhesive. Carefully wipe any adhesive that may run out of cap (I used a cotton swab to do this). 

6.  Let dry 24-36 hours until adhesive is completely dry and cap is adhered to knob.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Turtle Tac Toe

I designed this fun Turtle Tac Toe game set for Makin's Clay® several years ago.  It's still one of my favorite projects :0) The instructions are on the Makin's Clay® blog here.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Makin's Clay® Sunflower

I've been obsessed lately with polymer clay flowers and decided to give it a try for myself.  I created DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ and I'm pretty pleased with the result!  Find the full tutorial on the Makin's Clay® blog here. 
this Makin's Clay® sunflower with a touch of shimmer from

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Country Wedding Bouquet with Decorative Trimmings

 This month the Designer Craft Connection is hosting a blog hop featuring the fabulous product line from Decorative Trimmings.   They have colorful trims, sparkling trims, and great neutral trims.  Something for almost any project.   I ordered 3 different trims.  One I'm featuring today as part of this Wedding Themed hop, the others I'll be sharing soon in another post.   Be sure to follow the DCC link in the column on the right so you can see what other creative projects the participants are sharing!

This wedding bouquet is perfect for a simple country wedding.  It's mix of flowers, ferns, and twisting vines & twigs, combined with burlap ribbon wrapping, and a touch of pretty ivory trim with a crochet feel is casual, yet elegant at the same time.


Decorative Trimmings 1 1/8" INCH COTTON DRAGONLOOP TRIM 

Flowers of choice
Vintage Mason Jar - Optional 


Arrange flowers as desired.  Cut all stems to uniform length.

Wrap stems of bouquet with burlap ribbon, pin in place to hold.

Cut 1 yard of burlap ribbon.  Use Fabri-Tac to mount ivory crochet "dragon loop" trim to center of
burlap ribbon.

Tie bow around base of flowers.   The addition of the ivory crochet trim adds a beautiful feminine touch to this country style bouquet and will coordinate with  the bride's crochet style wedding dress beautifully.

After the big day, the bouquet would be beautiful displayed in a vintage Mason jar.  Either leave the pretty burlap & crochet bow on the bouquet, or tie it to the jar itself.  This second option would also make lovely centerpieces for the reception tables.

Decorative Trimmings has a vast assortment of beautiful trims - perfect for any wedding accessory or decoration - whether your theme is bright and bold colors, subtle tones, or country style - they have something for almost everyone's style! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Felt Travel Jewelry Pouch

Take your jewelry on the go in style with this colorful and fun felt travel jewelry pouch with a magnetic closure.

  • Kunin Felt – EcoFi™ PrintzFelt™- 60’s Floral (www.kuningroup.com)  
  • JudiKins Roxs™ – Turquoise, Diamond Glaze™ (www.judikins.com
  • Plaid® Gallery Glass® Window Color™ – Citrus Yellow & Magenta Rose, Martha Stewart Crafts® Paint – Camellia Pink (www.plaidonline.com
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac & 527 Adhesive (www.beaconadhesives.com
  • Loew-Cornell Brushes, TransformMason™ Wooden Tags – Flower (www.loew-cornell.com
  • Magnum Magnetics® ProMAG® self-adhesive magnetic tape (www.magnummagnetics.com
  • Lime green twill tape 
  • Ruler, scissors, decorative edge scissors 

Measure and cut Kunin™ EcoFi™  PrintzFelt™ felt to 8 1/2” x 9”.      

Fold up one 9” edge to 3 1/2” (finished pouch is 9” across top). 

Apply Beacon Fabri-Tac and glue in place. 

Cut top edge with decorative edge scissors. 

Cut piece of sticky backed ProMag magnetic tape to mount on top inside edge.  Note – although the tape is self-adhesive, I did add some Beacon 527 to hold it in place permanently as the flap will be lifted and closed numerous times on this pouch.   

Mount second strip of magnetic tape approximately 1” down from front top inside edge.

Paint wooden flower tag from Loew-Cornell TransformMason with Camilia pink Martha Stewart Crafts acrylic paint. Let dry. 

Apply Citrus Yellow Gallery Glass paint to center of flower. Apply Magenta Rose Gallery Glass paint to petals of  flower being careful not to mix with yellow center. Let dry.  

Add Diamond Glaze™ ring around yellow center. Add Roxs™ to wet Diamond Glaze and let dry.

Cut green twill tape and use Fabri-Tac to mount to left and right edges of pouch. Cut two leaf shapes from green twill and mount to wooden flower over hole. 

Use Beacon® 527 to mount wooden flower to center of top of pouch closure flap.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Butterfly Magnets

Brighten up your kitchen for springtime with these pretty butterfly magnets.  This paisley felt from Kunin™ matches my kitchen and seemed like a perfect choice. A bit of Connie Crystal bling adds a touch of sparkle.


  1. Depending on how many finished magnets you want to make, use the Big Shot™ and die to cut an equal number of paisley and yellow butterflies.  
  2. Cut piece of wire approximately 2 1/2” long, bend ends upward.   Cover yellow butterfly with Fabri-Tac.  Place bended wire over upper wings.  
  3. Place paisley butterfly over yellow butterfly and let dry.   Bend wings slightly upward. 
  4. Create antennae with wire, use 527 Adhesive to glue to top of head.  
  5. Cut strip of white crystals and use 527 to glue to center of body.  
  6. Cut small square of magnet and mount to bottom of butterfly.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Flower Balls with Smoothfoam™

Spring is springing up everywhere in NC these days!  Whether it's arrived in your home town or whether you are still patiently waiting, these colorful, whimsical Spring Flower Balls will bring a blast of spring to your home decor.   Find the instructions on how to make these for yourself with Smoothfoam™, Kunin Felt, Makin's Clay®, Sizzix® and Earth Safe Finishes Ann Butler Designs Iridesents here on the Smoothfoam Blog - http://www.smoothfoam.com/blog/spring-flower-balls/

Monday, April 6, 2015

WCK DIY Video - Secret Garden Bracelet

In this episode of the WCK All-Star Designers 2015 Spring Series I am sharing how to create a fantastic mixed-media charm bracelet featuring product from series sponsors.  This is one of my favorite projects I have ever designed!  Makin's Clay®, Plaid®, JudiKins, etchall®, Clearsnap, Connie Crystal & more. 

Mixed-Media Bleeding Hearts Canvas - Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop

It's the first Monday of the month!  Which means it's time for the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop!  This month our theme was hand-made flowers.   I've been pretty busy the last few weeks with an HSN appearance on behalf of KellyCraft™, and all the preparation that went into it - but wanted to share something with you as part of this hop so I'm sharing a project I created in 2013 for Jacquard.

I love making hand-made flowers whether it be with paint, paper, metal, or clay - or a combination of all of them!  This mixed-media Bleeding Hearts canvas combines many of those components with a photo from my garden.  You can find the full instructions for this mixed-media canvas here on their website.

Take the time to click through the DCC blog connection link in the column on the right so you can see the other amazing projects our participating designers are sharing!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gems of the Sea Bracelet & Earrings - Connie Crystal Blog Hop with Designer Craft Connection

Designer Craft Connection members are participating in a Connie Crystal Blog Hop this month.   Be sure to follow the link in the column on the right to see what the other designers have created with their fun shipment of Connie Crystal BLING!   

Here’s a peek at what I received.  I’ve got lots of other projects in my head already for the elements I didn’t use for the project - so stay tuned!

The assorted shimmering shades of Connie Crystal pearls are a perfect complement for Makin’s Clay® seashells made with blended clays and dusted with Iridescent powders.  Together they make a beautiful set of jewelry celebrating the “Gems of the Sea” to accent your summer wardrobe.


Connie Crystal Pearls in assorted colors & sizes - Pearls on this project taken from assorted Connie Crystal Suncatchers

Makin’s Clay® - White, Earth Tones
                        - Seashell Push Mold 
Earth Safe Finishes Iridescent Powders by Ann Butler Designs 
Toothpick, fine paintbrush 
Jewelry pliers
Jewelry wire, eye pins, closure, earring wires 


To make seashells, mix small amount of white Makin’s Clay® with small amount of Light Adobe from Earth Tones to create marbled clay (do not mix completely).  Mix small amount of white clay with Peach from Earth Tones to create marbled clay (do not mix completely). 

Use marbled clay to create assorted seashells with Seashell push mold.  (I made 2 of the smallest shells for the earrings and several of the medium sized shells).

Carefully insert toothpick through each seashell to create bead.  

Apply Iridescent powders to seashells.   Let clay dry 24 hours. 

Remove assorted pearls from Connie Crystal Suncatchers.   

String assorted pearls intermixed with clay seashells to create bracelet.  Add closure.  

Add eye pin to desired pearls.  Approximately 3/8” below pearl, bend wire and add clay shell. 

Bring end of wire upward, coil around base of pearl and cut excess after coiling. 
Add earring wires.