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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Southwestern Etched Wine Glass Mini Succulent Planter

These mini succulent gardens would be fun little gift for a wine lover, or even great little party favors.  Etch the bride & groom’s names and wedding date, or change the design however you want.  For this one I chose a Southwestern theme. 


etchall® Creme
etchall® etchmask™ Stencil ComboPak
etchall® Squeegee 
etchall® pick tool 
Elecronic die cutting machine (or stencil, or clip art to trace) 
Wine glass 
Succulent (real or faux... you can get great faux ones in the Dollar Tree!) 


Polymer clay - premo! Sculpey® Silver, faux “turquoise” 
Suede cording 
Judikins Diamond Glaze™
Southwestern themed stamp 
Clay roller 
Oval clay cutters


To create the lizard images you have a few options.  I used clip art, edited on my computer to remove the background, sized to about 2” across, and cut  with an electronic die cutting machine using etchmask.   But, you could also use a stencil to trace and cut out the images, or even print the clip art and trace it onto the etchmask and then cut them out.   

Once my die cut versions were ready, I used the pick tool to remove the lizards - we are working with the negative space for this project. 

Cut around the lizards leaving about 3/4" space around the images and carefully mount onto the top area of the wine glass, allowing the top of the etchmask to wrap down over the edge of the glass (to the inside).  I put them on opposite sides of the glass.  Be sure they are adhered well and all edges around the image itself are held tight to the glass.

Apply a thick coat of etchall creme.   Carefully rotate glass and apply cream to the image
on the opposite side.  Turn glass over on scrap paper and let set 15 minutes.  (Tip - wrpaping the etchmask over the top edge ensures that any cream that may drip downard does not etch the rim of the glass. )


Return creme to bottle, etchall is re-usable! 

Wash glass and remove etchmask.  Let dry. 

Add small succlent to glass and fill around roots with sand.   

I chose to further embellish my little “Southwestern” garden with a faux turqouise wine glass charm.  For instructions on how I first created the faux turquoise center stone - view this awesome tutorial on the Jessama Tutorials YouTube channel.   

For the base, I rolled silver clay, stamped it with an uninked stamp to add a Southwestern pattern, and cut an oval a bit larger than my faux turquoise cabochon.   

Then, this was flipped over and the faux turquoise stone was added to the flat slide.  I rolled a thin strand of silver clay and wrapped it around the cabochon and then used the flat edge of a clay tool to make small indentations around the edge to create a pattern. 

I made a hole at the center top large enough for the suede cording.   I baked it according to manufacturer instructions and let cool.   

Then, I applied a coat of Diamond Glaze to the cabochon itself.  Once it was dry, I strung it onto suede cording and tied it to the stem of the glass. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Faux Peacock Feather Clay Keychain

In this episode of When Creativity Knocks I create a peacock feather themed keychain using products from ACTIVA®, JudiKins™ and etchall®.

Think Pink Medallion Polymer Clay Necklace - DIY Video

In this Makin's Clay® Design Studio video I'm sharing how to create a pretty rubber stamped medallion and extruded tube bead necklace.   

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dragonfly Polymer Clay Pendant

Today on the Polymer Clay TV blog my Dragonfly Pendant is featured!  I made this pendant with products from the Dragonfly Dreams Create Along Box! 


White polymer clay 
Metallic silver clay 
Makin’s® Clay Roller
Makin’s Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Extuder® - Disc 11
  • Professional Clay Tools 
Dragonfly backgtround stamp 
CreateAlong.com Round clay cutter 
CreateAlong.com Dragonfly Deco Disc Stamp 
CreateAlong.com - Blue mica powder
CreateAlong.com Heat set crystals in sage green and light blue
Irridescent golden/green mica powder 
Beacon 527 Adhesive™
Silver satin cording 
Corn starch 
Sculpey® Bake & Bond adhesive 


Condition and roll white clay to about 1/8” thick.    

Dust dragonfly wings deco disc with cornstarch, impress into the rolled clay.   Repeat.  

Use craft knife to trim around 2 sets of whichever set of wings you wish to use. 

Form center of dragonfly by rolling a tube and making one end a bit wider than the other, and bringing the opposite end to a point.  I made a body that was about 1 1/2 times the length of one wing. 

Roll two small balls of clay and gently press to the head for eyes. 

To add texture I gently rolled the textured barrel of a clay tool across the surface of the body.   Then I used a flat edge tool to make indentations to define the head, thorax, and tail sections. 

Roll more white clay into a sheet about 1/8” thick and press uninked dragonfly background stamp into clay. 

Use circle cutter to cut disc from stamped clay. 

Dust the surface and sides of the stamped disc with blue mica powder. 

Dust the dragonfly with golden/green mica powder.  

Add a bit of Bake & Bond and mount dragonfly as desired on surface of the disc.  I chose to have the wings extend beyond the disc.  (If you prefer to have the entire dragonfly on the disc, use a larger circle cutter to cut the base disc.)  Use the same sized round clay cutter to carefully trim away the wings that extend beyond the base.   Carefully add golden/green mica powder to cover the area where the wings were cut.
Make a small hole at the center top for the cording. 

Bake according to manufacturer instructions.  Let cool.

While baking, roll additional white clay and repeat steps to make as second disc base.  

When pendant is cool, add Bake & Bond and place second disc on the back of the original disc.  Bake again according to manufacturer instructions.  Let cool. 

Use small rectangular slot disc to extrude a strand of metallic silver clay.  Wrap around the outside edge of the pendant.  Cut to fit and carefully smooth seam with fingers.   Bake again according to manufacturer instructions.  Let cool. 

Use Beacon 527 to mount decorative gemstones as desired.  The blue gemstones fit perfectly over the heads of my stamped dragonflies so I mounted one to each dragonfly.  The green gemstones were used to enhance the dragonfly. 

Add silver satin cording and closure. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mermaid Tail Bracelet - DIY Video

In this week's When Creativity Knocks episode I share how to create your own mermaid tail bracelet with products from Activa®, etchall® and Judikins™.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bold Spring Flowers Polymer Clay Pendants

Today on the Makin's Clay® blog I am sharing the instructions for these bright, bold, colorful spring & summer flower pendants made with Makin's Clay®, alcohol inks, and Judikins Diamond Glaze™.  The one on the left is now available in my Etsy shop!