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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Honeycomb & Bee Pendant Version 2

One of the favorite pendants I have created to date is my first mica shift honeycomb & bee pendant.  I wanted to see if I could create something similar with a matte finish and a raised texture rather than the smooth mica shift effect. This version is made with Makin's Clay® and I think it's a nice alternative. It shows how the same basic design can be very different with just a few changes!
Find the tutorial for this project here on the Makin's Clay® blog.

The original mica shift version done with gold metallic clay.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mandala Madness Pendant & Polymer Clay Trading Coin

I've squeaked in a little more creative time and created two projects using goodies from the Mandala Madness Create Along Box! I have to say - Mica Shift remains one of my favorite techniques!  Would you like to receive a monthly burst of inspiration in your mail each month?  Try a Create Along Box!  www.CreateAlongBox.com

Saturday, March 16, 2019

St. Patrick's Day Etched Glass Stein

St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here - time for many to celebrate with green beer!  But even if they are not into green beer, or they’d rather have rootbeer - this fun personalized mug would be a great gift for someone special! 


etchall® Creme
etchall® etchmask®
etchall® Pick Tool 
CreateAlong.com Steins Silkscreen 
Glass stein 
Craft knife 
Rub N’ Buff Patina
Paper towels
Foam brush 
Two Cat Assistants/Supervisors (optional)


Wash and dry stein. Place Stein silkscreen ORANGE SIDE toward the glass, at the top of the stein.  Use a strip of tape on each end to firmly hold the silkscreen in place. 

Use a foam brush to carefully dab an even coat of etchall® Creme to cover the surface of the silkscreen. Let set 15 minutes. 

Use foam brush to carefully remove etchall® Creme and return to the bottle. etchall® is re-usable!

Wash stein and remove silkscreen, being sure to also thoroughly wash your silkscreen. Let stein dry. 

This is where my furry assistants decided they were very much needed to provide propersupervision.

Use letter stencil to trace letter of choice twice onto etchmask®. Use craft knife to cut out area for stencil.  

Place transfer paper over etchmask® stencil and peel away backing. Place where desired on the stein. Repeat with second stencil. 

Apply etchall® creme to stencils. Let set 15 minutes. Return creme to bottle. Wash stein and remove etchmask®.

To make your etched design really stand out, apply Patina Rub N’ Buff to etched areas and buff to remove excess.  

Friday, March 1, 2019

PolymerClayTV Year of Veneer Metallic Peacock Feathers DIY Video

My next Year of Veneer video for Polymer Clay TV is now live!  This one features one of my own line of silkscreens at CreateAlong.com!    Peacock Feathers are currently sold out but will be back in stock soon! 

Mandala Madness Necklace

Get Inspired!  I am happy to share that I am now part of the Inspiration Zone for the monthly Create Along Boxes! Each month I will be one of the artists creating unique videos featuring products from that month's box, and other sample projects too.  Sign up here if you would like to join the Creative Zone and have access to these video tutorials!

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