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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Clay Faux Valentine Chocolates Magnets - DIY Video

Re-sharing a past project video getting some new attention this month as it was featured on the Designer Craft Connection blog!   

They look good enough to eat - but they are calorie free! 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

12 NEW Pendants in Etsy!

I've had a productive week!  This morning I listed 12 new designs in my Etsy shop! A wide variety of colors and styles.  This piece has silver leafing, mica shift technique, granite clay, a gloss finish and the gold microbeads are raised up and overlay the pendant itself.  Based on a workshop from Debbie Crothers in the 2017 Polymer Clay Adventure.   I'm also excited to learn 24 NEW techniques in the 2018 Polymer Clay Adventure! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gold & Black Polymer Clay Pendant - Crackle & Microbeads

This is the third piece I created this week with a metallic gold and black palette.  premo! Sculpey® black clay, gold leafing, Judikins™ gold microbeads.  This piece was quick to sell in my Etsy store -Cindi McGee Designs - but there are still many more unique designs available!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Gold & Black Embellished Cabochon Polymer Clay Pendant

Gold & Black Embellished Cabochon Polymer Clay Pendant  - A variety of surface treatments including mica shift, gold leaf crackle, & silkscreening.  Inspired by a workshop from Debbie Crothers in the 2017 Polymer Clay Adventure.  Made with premo! Sculpey® black and  premo! Sculpey® Accents® - 18K Gold clay, Sculpey® Clear Bakeable Clay.  This piece was the quick to sell in my Etsy store - Cindi McGee Designs - but there are still many more unique designs available! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bold Black & Gold Pendant

I have been having such fun learning new techniques from the amazing instructors teaching at the 2018 Polymer Clay Adventure!   This piece began with the Stacked Filigree technique by Pritesh Dagur.   I also used the mica shift technique, and gold leaf crackling.   The stacked filigree was made by extruding tiny strands of clay with the Makin's Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder® and hand piecing them - it took patience, and while my result is far from the perfection Pritesh creates, it's a start and I am anxious to try again and improve!

 This piece, and many more are now available in my Etsy shop.

DIY Video - Mica Shift Bee Polymer Clay Necklace

In this episode of my series Behind These Eyes on When Creativity Knocks, I share how to do the mica shift technique to create a stunning background for this bold bee polymer clay pendant.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Steampunk Votive Candle Holder or Treasure Jar

My Christmas candles were completely depleted this year, but I could not throw out the nifty glass jars with lids that they came in.  I removed the remaining small amount of wax at the bottom by boiling some water and then holding the jar base in it for a few seconds until the wax loosened, then just removed it and cleaned the jar.   They were ready to begin their next life as etched projects!  I used the first jar to create this steampunk themed votive candle holder or treasure jar - it works perfectly for either use!  


Glass jar with cover (mine is an empty candle jar) 
etchall® Creme 
etchall® Reposition/Re-use Stencil Spray 
etchall® Squeegee 
DecoArt® Andy Skinner Mixed Media Stencil - Time Warp 
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ - Copper Kettle, Silver Spark, Burnished Brass
Large clock face rubber stamp 

Large round clay cutter (same size as clock face stamp image)
Makin’s Clay® - Black 
Makin's® Texture Sheets - Set F 
Beacon® Tacky Glue 
Scissors/craft knife 


Wash and dry jar.  

In a well ventilated area, hold can about 8-10 inches from stencil and spray one side of stencil with an even coat of spray.   Let dry until tacky. 

Wrap stencil around jar and press in place. 

Use squeegee to apply a thick coat of etchall® creme over stencil.  Let set 15 minutes.   

Use squeegee to return creme to jar for later use. 

Wash jar to remove any remaining creme and remove stencil.   Let dry. 

Roll black Makin's Clay® to about 1/4” thick.   

Use large clock face stamp to impress clock image into fresh clay.   Use round clay cutter same size as clock face to cut out clock (or hand cut with a craft knife). 


Apply Burnished Brass Metallic Lustre™ to clock face and sides of clock. 

Roll remaining black clay to about 1/8" thick.  Use gears and screws texture sheets to transfer textures to rolled clay.  Cut out rectangular pieces - 3 of each pattern - the size required to span the circumference of the cover as shown.   Apply Copper Kettle Metallic Lustre to 3 pieces and Silver Spark Metallic Lustre to the other 3.  

Use tacky glue to mount the rectangular pieces around the edge of the lid, overlapping onto the top as shown.  

Cut triangular pieces of clay to fit between the rectangular pieces.  Apply Burnished Brass Metallic Lustre and mount between rectangles. 

Use tacky glue to mount clock face to center of top of lid.  Let dry 24 hours.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

"Open Your Heart" Pendant

This week on the Makin's Clay® Blog I'm sharing how to make this heart pendant with a pretty metallic sheen.   The flexibility of Makin's Clay®, even after it's dried, makes it a great option for "delicate" pieces like this one!   Shimmering red & gold mica powders from CreateAlong.com give it a great lustre.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Faux Green Geode/Agate Slice Pendant

Geodes & agate fascinate me! You never know until you open them what sort of magic lies inside. Beautiful colors that seem to melt into each other, sparkling crystals, each one totally unique.   I wanted to capture the essence of a geode/agate slice in clay - and I am pleased with the result!  This Faux Green Agate Slice pendant was made with Makin’s Clay®, which has a softer nature than oven bake clays, allowing the layered shades of clay to blend and meld together beautifully for this finished effect. 

Find this pendant, and many more unique pieces in my new Etsy shop - Cindi McGee Designs!  - https://www.etsy.com/shop/CindiMcGeeDesigns


Makin’s Clay® - White 120g, Green 120g 
JudiKins™ Diamond Glaze™ 
JudiKins™ Roxs™ - Ice Clear 
Gold leafing 
Gold jump rings, closure 
Green ribbons or satin cording 


Makin’s Clay® Roller 
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat
Sharp knife for cutting large cane
Jewelry pliers 


Step 1.  Roll a small amount white Makin’s Clay® using clay roller to about 3” in width and 1/8” thick. Tip: Place any unused clay in sealed plastic bag with damp paper towel or moist towelette to ensure freshness for later use.   

Step 2.  Add a small amount of Diamond Glaze™ along the center of the rolled clay.  Add about a tablespoon of Clear Ice Roxs in a line in center of rolled white clay.  

Step 3.  Fold sides of clay up and over the Roxs to create a tube, with the Roxs in the center.  Pinch to seal the ends of the tube.  

Step 4.  Blend a small amount of green Makin’s Clay® with white clay, blending just until marbelized. Roll to about 4” in width and 1/8” thick . Place white roll in center and fold ends around white tube. 

Step 5. Repeat step 4 multiple times, varying the amount of green and white clay, for different shade variations.  Roll some sheets of green clay.  Continue wrapping the cane with each piece of rolled clay, varying the blended sheets with the solid green sheets, until your finished cane is about 2” thick. 

Step 6. Fold in ends of the cane, and compress cane together with hands to tightly pack the layers. 

Step 7. Use sharp knife to cut the cane into slices about 1/3” thick. 

Step 8. Use roller to flatten each slice slightly to create your “geode/agate” slices.  The goal is to not have perfectly round slices, irregular shapes gives a more natural effect. 

Step 9. Crumple aluminum foil.  Press into edges of each slice to texture. Let dry 24 hours.

Step 10. Apply a thin layer of Diamond Glaze to the front of each slice.  Let dry, then apply a thin layer to the back of each slice.  Let dry.  The Diamond Glaze adds a polished shine to the faux geode/agate slices, and also seals the Roxs into the center of each slice without diminishing their crystalized sparkle.  

Step 11. Apply a light coat of Diamond Glaze around the textured edge of each slice.  While it is still wet, add gold foil leafing. 

Step 12. Use a needle to make a hole in one edge of each geode slice for jump ring.  Makin’s Clay® stays flexible even when dry, so you will easily be able to push the needle through the slices of clay.  Add gold jump ring to each  slice.

Step 13. Add ribbons or satin cording, and add closure to end of ribbons.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Faux Lapis Lazuli & Gold Pendant

Faux Lapis Lazuli - 2nd piece! When I gave Ludmila Bakulina's faux lapis lazuli tutorial a whirl last week I ended up with a lot more finished "lapis" than I expected - so my brain is buzzing with other creating setting options. Here's Round 2!  I love the premo! Sculpey® metallic clays!  It's in my Etsy shop and I'll be adding more in the coming weeks!

Friday, January 5, 2018

Egyptian Scarab Polymer Clay Pendant

In an Egyptian sort of mood. Been a busy couple of days experimenting with polymer clay techniques in between working lol! Thanks to Ludmila Bakulina and Jessama Tutorials on YouTube for inspiring my starting point for these two faux gemstones - faux lapis lazuli and faux red turquoise. I had to adjust their tutorials a bit using what I had on hand, but I'm pleased with the results! Mica powder from CreateAlong.com gave the wings their golden shimmer. Made with premo! Sculpey®.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Prepared for Purple Bracelet & PCU Magazine!

Where can you find “Ophelia”, read about a great cake escape, keep track of your resolutions in style, find fancy mittens, get classy with verdigris, or go lazy with a cane, be prepared for purple, and see a gallery of crackle ideas?   Right here!  The January 2018 issue of Polymer Clay Universe Magazine is now LIVE!   Find it, and so much more, here at the CreateAlong studio - http://bit.ly/CM2018PCA

I'm happy to have another project tutorial featured this month - be prepared for Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year - Ultra Violet - with this bracelet!