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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snowman Door Hanger DIY Video

The most recent episode of my DIY craft video series Behind These Eyes™ is now live on When Creativity Knocks.  Written instructions are included below. 

Snowman Door Hanger 
The weather may be warmer than normal in many places right now this year, but this frosty
fellow will be a friendly reminder of winter days to come.  Hang him on your front door to greet your visitors with a little frozen cheer.


Smoothfoam™ Disc (any size, I used a 16”) 
DecoArt® - Snow-Tex™ 
                 - Americana® Acrylic Paint - Blue Haven, Blue Harbor 
    - Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ - Paprika 
Makin’s Clay® - Black, White  
                        - Clay Tools 
Beacon™- Fabri-Tac 
                - 3-in-1 Adhesive 
JudiKins™ snowflake stamp 
Fiber fill 
Grey felt 
Scissors, paintbrush 


Apply Snow-Tex paste to front and sides of Smoothfoam disc.  Let dry.

Cut two half circles (I adjusted my circles slightly to be more of a hat shape) of grey felt the same width as the disc, and one strip of felt about 3” wide and the same width as the disc. 

Apply Blue Haven paint to snowflake stamp, stamp onto strip of felt.  Apply Blue Harbor paint and stamp snowflake next to first snowflake, continue across strip alternating colors. 

Apply Fabri-Tac around outer edge of one half circle of felt, stopping about 3” from each side of flat edge.   Mount second piece to first to create hat.  Add fiber fill to lightly stuff hat.  

Create pom pom by wrapping yarn multiple times around fingers.  The more yarn, the fuller the pom pom.  Carefully remove from fingers, tie yarn around center.  Cut loops and fluff.  Use scissors to trim to even up pom pom.  

Mount pom pom to top of hat using Fabri-Tac.  Mount hat to top of disc (glue top and bottom pieces of felt to top and bottom of disc).  Mount stamped strip to base of hat front. 

Mix white Makin’s Clay with Paprika paint and make carrot shape for nose.  Use clay tool to add lines and texture to the carrot.   Make irregular balls of black Makin’s Clay for eyes and mouth.  Flatten each ball slightly.   Let dry 24 hours.  

Use 3-in-1 Adhesive to mount clay face details to disc.  

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