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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WCK DIY Video - Garden Gift Basket

In this episode of the When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers 2014 Summer Series, I share a variety of techniques to create a fun summer garden gift basket. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bloom Etched Glass Vase with etchall®

I am really pleased with how this etched vase came out!  I used etchall® Resist Gel,  etchall® Etching Cream and DecoArt® stencils to create a unique vase for summer flowers.

  • Glass vase
  • etchall® Etching Cream 
  • etchall® Resist Gel 
  • etchall® Designer Tip Kit 
  • Alphabet stickers 
  • DecoArt® PatioPaint Home & Garden Stencils
  • Westcott® Self-Healing Mat to keep work area clean
  • Foam brush, small paint brush 

Step 1:  Spell out “BLOOM” on vase with alphabet stickers as shown. 
Step 2:  Fill bottle from Designer Tip Kit with etchall® Resist Gel, add finest tip. 
Step 3:  With vase on Write out “where you are planted” beneath BLOOM stickers.  
Step 4:  Let writing begin to dry clear (this will reduce risk of smearing during the next step). 
Step 5:  Place flower/fern stencil onto vase in desired location.  Use paintbrush to apply thin coat of Resist Gel over stencil.  
Step 6:  Carefully lift stencil and repeat with additional stencils until all desired images are on vase. 
Step 7:  Let dry until Resist Gel is completely clear.  
Step 8:  Use foam brush to apply etchall® Etching Cream to each side of vase.  Let set 15 minutes, then remove cream and place back into bottle.   Rinse vase to remove remaining etching cream.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Metallic Touches Pendant

Black Makin’s Clay®, metal frames, texture sheets, rubber stamps and metallic inks in contrasting colors are combined to create a unique “metallic touches” pendant.

  • Makin’s Clay – Black (www.makinsclay.com)
  • Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine
  • Makin’s Clay Texture Sheets
  • Makin’s Clay Cutter – 1 ½” square
  • Ranger® Inkssentials® Memory Frame 1 ½” (www.rangerink.com)
  • Rubber stamp
  • Clearsnap® ColorBox® Cat’s Eye Queue Pigment Inkpads 6/Package, Luxe Metallics (www.clearsnap.com)
  • Patterned paper cut to 1 ½” square

  1. Roll black clay using Ultimate Clay Machine set on #7.  Cut square from rolled clay using 1 ½” square Clay Cutter.  Let dry.  Roll black clay using Ultimate Clay Machine set on #5.  Use 1 ½” square cutter to cut black clay square.
  2. Place black square over dry square and use fingers to gently fold edges of black clay square over dry square.  (Note – Photo shows natural clay square being wrapped with black clay for easier viewing.)
  3. Place pre-cut square of patterned paper onto back of clay.  Open Memory Frame, insert clay square and paper.  Close frame.  Flip over, gently push any clay extending out of center space onto metal frame back toward center.
  4. Ink stamp with metallic ink.  Decide where you’d like your image placed on square, and rotate frame if needed.  Stamp inked stamp in center of square, pressing lightly to transfer texture of image to clay.
  5. Apply Texture Sheet diagonally to four corners of stamped image top texture corners.
  6. Lightly rub contrasting metallic ink pad over textured corners.
  7. Mount onto a contrasting metallic chain, ribbon, or decorative fibers.

Monday, July 21, 2014

WCK DIY Video - Mermaid Party Part 2

In this episode of the When Creativity Knocks 2014 All-Star Designers Summer Series we are sharing fun ideas for a Mermaid themed birthday party.   My projects are a placemat that has a removable section which can be used for a scrapbook page, and matching napkin rings.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Burlap Door Monogram

Create an eye-catching front door decoration, a burlap door monogram, with a bit of a rustic feel.

Part 1 – Building the Monogram 


Note – Instructions are to make the “M” as shown – adjust your measurements, etc. as needed to make the letter you want. 
  1. Cut two pieces of burlap ribbon 10” long, and 2 about 8” long.
  2. Fold over top of edge of each 10” piece to crease.  Add Fabri-Tac adhesive to top edge, fold down to adhere and make loop for bamboo stick.
  3. Add pins to hold tab in place while glue dries.
  4. Determine angle at which you would like the center of your “M” to be.  Glue first 8” strip at an angle from about center top of loop. Repeat on second piece.
  5. Cut off any fabric extending off outer edge of long pieces.
  6. Add Fabri-Tac to bottom center of one piece of inside ribbon.  Mount second piece over so corners meet and create a clean point to your “M”.
  7. Add bamboo stick, if desired add jute to hang.

Part 2 – Building the Flowers 

  1. From red burlap, cut 15 large flowers  and 6 small using Flower 3D Wrapped die. and Big Shot.
  2. Add Fabri-Tac to one edge of one large flower.  Bring second edge together and mount to create first whole flower.
  3. Flip over flower. Add Fabri-Tac to both straight edges on second and third flowers.   Mount second over first so two straight edges do not meet, about 1/4” from center hole on first flower.  Repeat with third flower, opposite second flower. Repeat with 4th and 5th flowers, alternating direction from 2nd and 3rd, to create a uniform flower.
  4. Add glue to one edge of first small flower, bring edges together to create flower.  Add glue to bottom and insert into center of large flower.
  5. To create middle, add glue to top edge of small flower, tightly wind and twist to create coiled flower, then add adhesive to second edge and mount to coiled flower.  Mount to center of flower over first small flower.
  6. From regular burlap, cut 5 large leaves with Tropical Leaves die and Big Shot.
  7. Paint each leaf, front and back. with DecoArt Americana Foliage Green paint.  Let dry.
  8. Stack 3 yellow flower head pins to create a row of 3 vertically.  Add small amount of adhesive and insert pins into center of flower to create stamen.
  9. Repeat steps 1-5, and 8, to create 2 more flowers for a total of 3.
  10. Use Fabri-Tac to mount finished flowers, and leaves, on upper left corner of “M”.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Burlap Apples & Display Bowl

BurlapFabric.com is sponsoring this amazing blog hop featuring projects from 20 Designer Craft Connection designers - Be sure to follow the links below to visit their blogs and see what they are sharing too, and sign up to win the amazing prize package BurlapFabric.com is offering!

I decided to try making burlap apples with the red burlap I received in my box of burlapy goodness from BurlapFabric.com - and a decorative "bowl" to display them in (I like the "bowl" so much I plan to display other seasonal goodies in it too!).   Don't let the multiple steps overwhelm you - it's easier than it looks to create your own burlap apples!


BurlapFabric.com red burlap, regular burlap, frayed edge 1" burlap ribbon, 3 1/2" burlap ribbon with black stripe top and bottom
Smoothfoam™ balls - 3 7/8"
Westcott® Craft Knife, Self-Healing Cutting Mat, Titanium Bonded® Non-Stick Scissors
AdTech® Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
DecoArt® Americana Multi-Surface Craft Paint - Apple Green
Spanish moss, paintbrush
Real apple for reference and mid-project snack (optional lol!)


1) Use craft knife to cut approximately 2" circle, then add 4 cuts inside.

2) Remove foam from top of ball.

3) Use craft knife to carefully trim/scrape away around edges of removed portion to create curve of top of apple.

4) Use craft knife to cut approximately 1" circle from bottom of ball, remove foam.

5) Use craft knife to create 4 small arcs/curves around hole on bottom of ball (like the arcs on the bottom of a real apple).

6) Carefully use end of scissor to create hole inside top and bottom openings on ball (you will tuck burlap ends into these holes).

7) Cut 5 petal shaped pieces from red burlap, approximately 5" x 2" in the center (I used my cutting mat as a guide for sizing each petal).

8) Add small amount of hot glue to one end of first petal, tuck into hole on top of apple.

9) Bring bottom of petal to base of apple, add small amount of glue and tuck into hole at bottom of apple.  Add small amount of hot glue on each side and adhere to foam ball.

10) Add small amount of glue to second petal, tuck into top of foam ball, slightly overlapping first piece of burlap.

11) Turn apple over, add small amount of hot glue to sides of petal, and mount to foam ball overlapping first piece of burlap.

12-13) Add small amount of hot glue to bottom point and tuck into bottom of apple.
Repeat with remaining petals until Smoothfoam™ ball is completely covered and your apple is ready for the stem & leaf.

14) Cut 3" piece of frayed edge burlap ribbon.   Tightly roll and use small amount of hot glue to adhere to create stem.

15) Use hot glue to mount stem into hole at top of apple.

16) From plain burlap, cut leaf shapes.

17) Paint both sides with Apple Green multi-surface paint and let dry.

18) Use hot glue to mount leaves to stems on top of apples.

To create the display bowl - I upcycled!   I used a clean chipboard potato stick can (and sadly, I had to eat the rest of the potato sticks in order to empty the can - it was a hard sacrifice but worth it for the finished project), but any sized can would work depending on how big you want your finished display bowl to be.

19) Use Westcott® Titanium Bonded® scissors (I love these scissors!  They are STRONG enough to cut through almost anything!) to remove top of can and leave 3" sides from base of can.

20) Use hot glue to mount burlap ribbon around can (it will extend about 1/2" off the top edge of the can).  Add Spanish moss.

Here are the links to the blogs for the other participating designers:

Carmen Flores Tanis   http://www.florestanisstudio.com
Jennifer Priest   http://www.hydrangeahippo.com
Susan Brown   http://www.sbartist.com

And here's how you can win the fabulous prize package valued at $100 that includes a really nice variety of natural and colored burlap yardage, ribbons, embellishments and totes.  They have several ways to enter by leaving a comment on my blog and by following the DCC, BurlapFabric.com and Craft Foxes on social media. - http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/73bd0b11/

Monday, July 7, 2014

Country Style Luau Mason Jars

Summer is here and it's time for backyard barbecues and parties!  This month's Designer Craft Connection theme is Party Decor - so it's a perfect time for me to share these Country Style Luau Mason Jars I'm using to hold silverware and straws for our country style backyard luau!   Be sure to follow the DCC clickable link in the right column of my blog to see what other creative Party Decor projects our amazing designers are sharing to inspire you!


Ball Mason Jars - Heritage Green pint size (you could use regular - but I love the combination of the green glass with the red & yellow - seemed more tropical to me!)
BurlapFabric.com Red Burlap
Westcott® Titanium Bonded® Non-Stick Scissors, Self-Healing Cutting Mat
DecoArt® Americana® acrylic paint - White Wash
Small paintbrush
Yellow ribbons (I used 3 different styles)
Wood Attitude® printable craft film
Conputer & printer
Wooden tags, string
AdTech Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Elmer's Craft Bond Glue stick


Use cutting mat as a guide to measure out 4" x 11" strips of red burlap - cut with scissors.

Use small paintbrush and white acrylic paint to paint hibiscus flowers onto red burlap (I found an image of a hibiscus flower online to use as a guide).  Let dry.

Following manufacturer instructions, type and print Hawaiin words onto sheet of Wood Attitude® printable craft film (I googled Hawaiin words, then printed off words to create a custom message on my tags….. can you figure out what the message says?)

Trim words and mount to small wooden tags using glue stick, add string to tags.

Fray edges of painted red burlap by removing threads about 1/4" in on top and bottom edges.  Wrap around mason jars and adhere with small amount of hot glue.  Add decorative ribbons to top rim of jars, tie on wooden tags.

Be sure to come back on July 13th for 20 more creative projects featuring burlap products in a DCC Blog Hop sponsored by BurlapFabric.com - and enter to win their fabulous prize package valued at $100 that includes a really nice variety of natural and colored burlap yardage, ribbons, embellishments and totes.  They will have several ways to enter including leaving a comment on my blog and following the DCC, BurlapFabric.com, and Craft Foxes on social media!  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

On the Set of When Creativity Knocks All-Star Designers' Summer Series

On Monday, June 30th, Ana Araujo, Scott Pfeiffer, Judi Watanabe, Marisa Pawelko, Elena Lai Etchevery and I taped the WCK All-Star Designers' Summer Series!  We had 11 sponsors this time - and it was a true challenge combining all of their creative product into our projects!  Thanks to Westcott, JudiKins, AdTech, Beacon Adhesives, Makin's Clay, Rowlux, The Buckle Boutique, Etchall, DecoArt, MercArt, and Sizzix!
You are going to be amazed at some of the projects these creative artists have in store for you - and I am amazed, as always, at how Scott Pfeiffer performs the magic of transforming 9 hours of taping into streamlined episodes of the show!   The first episode airs on July 8th so stay tuned!