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Saturday, January 26, 2019

BOTTLE UP! 2019 “GARNET & WINGS” Challenge - Altered Bottle

Anita Buckowing has started a Facebook challenge group called BOTTLE UP! 2019.
Here’s what the group is about: 

“Welcome to BOTTLED UP! 2019.
This is a themed project-based group that is open to all with the hope that all participants have fun and enjoy sharing their creations and maybe learn something too.

This Group was inspired by a post on MyModernMet.com that detailed a ceramic artist that created unique bottles for 100 days straight.  After discussion with a few friends, we decided to challenge participants to create a unique bottle every two weeks (total of 26 bottles in 2019).

Since some folks like themes to help provide direction to their creative energy, we decided to publish a schedule (each month has a birthstone color theme and every two weeks has a subject theme).”

While I am not sure I will be able to meet the challenge and keep up with creating a bottle every 2 weeks, I have challenged myself to create at least one a month!

It’s a fun way to think outside my normal “clay jewelry” box these days.  It’s also a great way to showcase not only my favorite glass etching products from etchall®, but 
to show the broad range of applications of another of my favorite versatile products - Makin’s Clay®! 

For my first bottle I’m following the January themes of Garnet & Wings.


Glass bottle 
etchall® Creme 
etchall® Etchmask
etchall® Pick Tool (or craft knife)
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine® 
Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat 
Spellbinders® butterfly die and die cutting machine
Self-adhesive faux gemstones 
Alcohol ink (optional) 
Beacon® Mixed-Media Glue 
FloraCraft® Submersible LED Light Strand, 15 Lights
Red organza ribbon 


You can find the instructions on how I made my dimensional Makin's Clay® butterflies for my altered bottle here

Following manufacturer instructions, cut desired number of butterflies from etchmask using butterfly die. Use pick tool or craft knife to remove any unwanted pieces that remain after cutting. 

Wash and dry bottle.  

Place butterfly masks onto bottle where desired. Be sure to press to adhere well in all areas. 

Apply a thick coat of etchall® creme over the surface of the bottle. Let set 15 minutes. 

Use squeegee to return creme to the bottle - etchall® is re-usable!  

Wash bottle thoroughly and remove etchmask butterflies.  Let dry. 

Use Beacon Mixed-Media Glue to mount clay butterflies to the bottle where desired.  

If you have the desired color faux gemstones, apply as desired to make “flight trails” behind butterflies.   If you only have clear/silver gemstones, a great way to color them is with a touch of alcohol ink.  Non-adhesive faux gemstones can be substituted and adhered with the same Mixed-Media Glue.  


Add a bit of glow inside your bottle and highlight your etched butterfly details with a string of LED lights.  These lights from FloraCraft® can be turned off and on with a simple twist.  I used a touch of the Mixed-Media Glue to actually adhere the plastic battery case to the bottle top. 

Wrap organza ribbon around the rim of the bottle and up far enough to cover the light case.  Tie a bow and the bottle is complete! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Lotus Pond Pendants

Sandy Huntress shared a fantastic tutorial for Sparkling Painted Polymer in the premiere edition of Passion for Polymerhttp://bit.ly/CMPassionforPolymer magazine. Sandy used a different medium to color her silkscreened images, but I have an ongoing love for my DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™so I HAD to try it! I also am an admitted texture/dimension junkie, so I added some dimensional details. I also added a layer of clear liquid clay over the surface for a different effect.


Sculpey® Souffle - Black 
Makin's Professional® 
  • Ultimate Clay Machine™
  • Professional Clay Tools™ - Sphere tool

  • Lotus Pond Silk Screen
  • Hot Fix Cabochons
  • Dragon Scales
Sculpey® Bake & Bond 
Sculpey® Liquid Bakeable Clay in CLEAR
Copper metallic paint
Scraping blade/squeegee
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ - Lavish Green, Polished Coral, Fab Fuchsia, Radiant Red 
Pod shaped clay cutters
Texture sheet of choice 
Clay blade 
Sari ribbon 
Metal closure
Fine paintbrushes 
Heat tool 
Clay roller 
Sculpey® Etch & Pearl tool (or other tool to make hole)


Condition and roll black clay to second setting on clay machine. Place Lotus Pond silkscreen, orange side down, onto the clay sheet. Gently burnish. Use a scraping blade (gift card, or stiff flat brush) to apply metallic copper paint. Carefully lift and remove silkscreen. Wash silkscreen immediately. Let paint on clay dry thoroughly.

Add a tiny bit of water to the chosen shades of Metallic Lustre™ to create a bit of a "watercolor" paint, and carefully paint leaves and flowers. I did not bring the paint to the outer edges of all the images, as I wanted the silkscreening to still show a bit. I also let the depth of the color vary in spots.
Let the "paint" dry thoroughly.


Use clay blade to cut out around painted silkscreened image.      

Add Hot Fix Cabochon to the center of each flower. Add a tiny bit of Bake & Bond to each petal in the center row of petals (in my case, the Fab Fuchsia petals). Apply a pink Dragon Scale to each petal.  

Use sphere tool from Professional Tool Kit to make indentations around all edges of the clay.  

So, this is the point where a funny thing happened. My original intention was for this to be an awesome cuff bracelet. But, I suddenly envisioned something ELSE. A pod shaped cutter was used to cut 4 pods from the veneer. 

Roll an additional sheet of black clay to setting #2. Apply texture sheet of choice (I chose a corrugated piece of plastic to texture my clay as I wanted a "striped" effect). Use the same pod cutter to cut a black pod for each of the 4 pieces.  
Add a touch of Bake & Bond and place a silkscreened piece centered on the black background pod. Gently press to adhere the layers, being sure your side seams are smooth.  Make a hole at the top center for the ribbon.  
For the beads, roll the remaining silkscreened clay to a thinner sheet. Use the clay blade to cut very thin strips.  Roll black beads in desired size.  Randomly apply the strips around the outside of the beads.  Roll bead to smooth and blend in the strips to the beads. Make holes. Make two for each necklace.  
Bake all pieces according to manufacturer instructions. Let cool.

Apply Sculpey® Liquid Bakeable Clay in CLEAR to surface of silkscreened portion of the pods (not the black background). Bake according to manufacturer instructions. Immediately upon removing from oven, use heat tool to further bring out the shine. Let cool.

Add Sari ribbon and closure to each necklace.

Even though I think the cuff bracelet would have been great, I am glad my creative muse took a detour in this case! 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Kitty Themed Nesting Ring Bowls

Combined two of my favorite things today - kitties and the teal/turquoise - while trying two of the workshops in the 2019 Polymer Clay Adventure a try!  Jessica Hager's nesting ring bowls, and Kira McCoy's sculpted kitties.   

I used a rubber stamp of a row of kitties to texture the first bowl, then added hand dotted details using Sculpey a etch & pearl tool. The base dish has the same inlaid "cane" pieces as Kira taught us to use on the kitties, and is rubber stamped with Kitty Kitty Kitty to add texture (a stamp from my own stamp line from several years ago!).  The detail on the outer edge is actually little kitty paw prints made with a sphere tool. It's all done in Peacock Pearl and Metallic Silver clay for a touch of shimmer and shine.  (Other than those small black accents of course!)

Join the 2019 Polymer Clay Adventure today and join the fun while you create along with us all!