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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

EAT Kitchen Sign

Metal “EAT” signs remain a popular accent for kitchen decor. However; the metal versions can be quite costly. Wooden versions are available too, but again, they can be costly. I wanted wanted a large version for our kitchen and when I found these large 23.5” paper mache letters from Darice®, I knew just what I wanted to do. I finished them with DecoArt® Americana Decor® Chalky Finish paints and wax, and we absolutely love the finished letters – they look much like the vintage metal letters we had seen elsewhere with a high price – and these are handmade for a fraction of the cost!


Darice® 23.5” Paper Mache Letters (www.darice.com
DecoArt® Americana Decor® Chalky Finish Paint - Rouge, Rustic; Creme Wax - Deep Brown (www.decoart.com
Loew-Cornell paintbrush  (www.loewcornell.com
Stencil brush 
Paper towels 

1. Paint each letter with DecoArt® Americana Decor® Chalky Finish paint in Rouge.  Let dry. 

2. Use DRY stencil brush to brush on random coat of Rustic brown DecoArt® Americana Decor® Chalky Finish paint.  

3. While still wet, rub lightly with paper towel to remove majority of paint and blend brown into red background.  Let dry. 

4. Apply coat of Deep Brown Creme Wax with a paper towel.  Let dry.  Gently buff with dry paper towel.

I used Scotch® Command® hangers to mount my letters to the wall.   

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

All-Star Designers Spring Series - Garden Tool Apron

In this weeks episode I'm sharing a customized garden tool apron and matching gloves made with products from Sizzix, Plaid, Makin's Clay®, Loew-Cornell, JudiKins and more...

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Relax….. you’re on LAKE TIME!  Customize a glass clock with etchall® and create something one of a kind for your vacation place – you can change it to “BEACH TIME”, “CAMPING TIME”, etc.!  Customize your creation further with a bit of subtle stamped landscaping for a faux etched effect to complement the etched lettering. (And... yes.... I see the mistake.   But I did not, in fact, see it until after the project was completed, the post shared, and the clock was hanging in our cottage!  On to version 2 with the correct spelling! Oh well - I'm HUMAN too! lol...)

Select the fonts for your lettering, and print the letters to fit in the 2” glass area around the clock. 

Cut out the letters and determine spacing on the clock.  Enlarge or reduce font size as desired. 

Use paper letters as a template to cut out lettering
from echmask™.  Mount etchmask™ letters onto clock. 

Use paintbrush to apply thick coat of etchall® cream.  Let set 15 minutes.  Return cream to bottle.  Use wet paper towels/sponge to carefully remove remaining cream from glass.  Peel off lettering.  

Masking areas where you don’t want the stamping, use Stampscapes stamps inked with Charcoal Palette ink to stamp scenes on left and right sides of clock.  When the ink dries, the effect is very subtle and even looks like a very detailed etched image.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baseball Time Photo Display with Smoothfoam™

Here in North Carolina, baseball season for our little guys is in full swing! When I saw this Smoothfoam™ baseball, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it – a fun way to display our grandson’s baseball photos!  Find the full instructions on how I used DecoArt® paints, Makin's Clay® and more here on the Smoothfoam™ blog.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fish & Fish Hook Cottage Signs

With some repurposed fence panels (old or new!) you can create a unique sign for your home or favorite vacation retreat.   We wanted to create something one-of-a-kind for our lake cottage.   I knew I wanted it to be in the shape of a big fish - so I did an internet search until I could find a shape similar to what I envisioned.  Next, my handyman in residence, Danny, mounted several old fence boards together to create a large panel for the base of the fish.   I first sketched the fish onto the wooden panel in pencil, so I could make changes and adjustments as needed.  Once I got a shape I liked,  I went over the pencil lines with a permanent marker to give him a clear line to cut.   
He used a saw to cut around the marker line and the fish began to come to life!   
I loved the finished shape - it was exactly what I was envisioning!   At this point, I chose not to paint the fish because I wanted the natural, repurposed wood look - but you certainly could add a pop of any color or stain the wood, etc. to get the desired effect you wanted.

On to the lettering.   We decided to name our cottage “Second Chance”.   We could have used lettering stencils, but I wanted something different.   I whipped out my laptop and began testing out fonts to see which one we thought would be best for the lettering.

We agreed that we liked “Coolock Black” the best! I printed out the lettering about 5” high and then out each letter. 

I arranged the cut out paper letters onto the fish to determine the right placement, then traced around each letter. 

Each letter was then pained with 3 coats of White Wash DecoArt® Americana® acrylic 

After the paint was thoroughly dry, the entire sign was sprayed with a clear matte weatherproofing sealant.  

We also needed a house number sign for the cottage, and keeping with my “big fish” theme I decided it would be fun to have an oversized fishing hook for the sign.   Luckily, my resident handyman is not only a woodworker, but a metal worker and was able to bend a piece of tie-rod to the shape we wanted.   The same steps of printing, tracing, and hand painting the letters onto repurposed fence boards were used to create the wooden sign pieces.  Danny cut out a notch in the back of each piece of painted fence board and mounted the metal hook in the notch.  

We are absolutely thrilled with the finished signs and now we are anxious to move on to building window boxes from the same repurposed wood and to creating my new flower garden in the front of the cottage! 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wings of Bling Dragonfly Plant Stake

It's time for the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop!  This month our theme was "Bling".  I created this quick & easy dragonfly plant stake with "Wings of Bling" to add a bit of springtime sparkle to one of my houseplants.    Be sure to follow through the Designer Crafts Connection link in the column on the right to see what other "bling" projects our designers are sharing!  


Plaid® Wood Surfaces - Dragonfly
The Buckle Boutique Dazzling Diamond Self-Adhesive Rhinestone Sheets - Purple, Gold, Green
Wooden dowel
Ad-Tech glue gun & glue sticks
Westcott® Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Green craft paint, paint brush


I apologize for not having step-out photos - my lovely computer seems to be having a bit of fun right now making photos I have saved vanish into cyberworld where I cannot locate them.....

1)  Use the tips of scissors to carefully pull part the top piece of the dragonfly's body from the base piece with the wings.

2) Trace the separate body section onto the back of Green Dazzling Diamonds sheet and onto back of Gold.  Cut out and adhere green to separate body.

3) Mount gold body to center of dragonfly.

4) Trace dragonfly onto Purple Dazzling Diamonds sheet.  Cut out wings, adhere to wooden body.

5) Use hot glue to mount green body over gold body - green body is slightly smaller and gold will show slightly around edges.

6) Paint back of dragonfly and wooden dowel with green paint, let dry.  Hot glue dowel to base of dragonfly.