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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Passion for Polymer Magazine Volume 6 - Subscribe Now!

Subscriptions are now open for Volume 6 of Passion for Polymer magazine!  Subscribe and get FREE US SHIPPING!  A free re-usable template is included in each print issue!

My Behind These Eyes tutorial in thus issue is this colorful Paisley Peacock Patterned Pendant!


Monday, August 19, 2019

Needle Felted Cat Magnets DIY Video

In this episode of When Creativity Knocks, I share how easy it is to make these fun kitty magnets using needle felting products from Clover USA!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Passion for Polymer Magazine Volume 5 - Ocean of Dreams

Get your PRINT copy of this gorgeous issue before they are sold out - www.PassionforPolymer.com 
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How to Create a Polymer Clay Glass Lantern Swirl Veneer

My latest PCTV Year of Veneer video tutorial is now live!  This one uses just a few simple materials, but you get a great "dimensional" effect. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Rustic Sunflower Polymer Clay Bangle - Passion for Polymer Magazine

In the July Floral Fantasy issue of Passion for Polymer magazine I share a tutorial for this Rustic Sunflower Bangle.  There are so many absolutely gorgeous projects in this issue! Get your PRINT copy before they are all gone.  Prefer digital?  That's an option too.  NEW lower price - $9.99, and free template too! Want to be sure to get your PRINT copy EVERY month, with FREE U.S. SHIPPING, and the free template?  SUBSCRIBE by 7/15 to start your subscription with the August Ocean of Dreams issue.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

How to Create a Fresh Green Layered Floral Polymer Clay Veneer - Year of...

In this week's Year of Veneer video on Polymer Clay TV I share how to create this fresh green floral, multi-layered veneer.  It was inspired by the beautiful blouse I saw in an ad for Lemonbaker.com! 
Find many of the products I used in this video at CreateAlong.com

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Etched Peacock Feather Wineglass

Two of my favorite things, cobalt blue glass, and peacock feathers, are combined on these etched wineglasses. etchall® makes it easy to customize any glassware, mirrors, and ceramics.  


Cobalt blue wine glass
Foam brush 
Painters tape


Wash and dry glass. Place silkscreen, orange side down, onto glass. Use painters tape to hold it securely in place. 

Apply a thick coat of etchall® creme over the image. Let set 15 minutes. 

Use brush to return creme to bottle.  etchall® is reusable! Wash glass and remove silkscreen and tape. Voila! Customized etched glass! A set of these and a bottle of wine would make a great housewarming gift, bridal shower gift, wedding gift.... or custom etch a single glass for a wine loving friend.  

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

How to Create a Bohemian Flower Polymer Clay Veneer - DIY VIDEO

My next Polymer Clay TV video is now live!  This week I share how to create a multi-dimensional flower polymer clay veneer using a variety of products.  If you like the silkscreens and cutters I used, they can be found at www.createalong.com.  It's our YEAR OF VENEER on Polymer Clay TV.  Which one will be YOUR favorite? 

These are my finished pendants made with this veneer!
 Can't wait to try this one again with different colors! :)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Polymer Clay Mummy Beads

I share a tutorial for Faux Mummy Beads in the JUNE issue of Passion for Polymer!


Around the World - June Issue of Passion for Polymer Magazine

The June issue of Passion for Polymer Magazine is now LIVE!  Get your copy of this digital only issue today!


Passion for Polymer magazine is going to print EVERY month starting in July! We’ve lowered the price included free shipping in the USA for subscribers and subscribers will get a new clay template every month! Plus the centerfold of the magazine will be filled with inspiration on how to use your free clay template. How cool is that! Not to mention all the fabulous tutorials and articles you are going to love!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Home Sweet Home Etched Glass Plate

Some young family friends just purchased their first home. I wanted to make them something as a housewarming gift. Etchall® to the rescue! This inexpensive plate was customized with “Home Sweet Home”and their names, along with a stack of barnyard critters in the center. A little bird told me she loved “farmhouse” style decorating so I am hoping she will like this too!  I plan to make some homemade cookies and present it to them the next time I see them. 


etchall® Creme
etchall® Stencil Combo Pack
etchall® Pick Tool
Glass plate 
Electronic die cutting machine/manual die cutting machine/stencils 


I began by selecting a font and typing the text I wanted to include on the plate.  I used Picmonkey (online photo editing option) to create curved text then created a .jpg from each set of words. I removed all the background from around the words (also in Picmonkey) and I was ready to cut!  I did the same with the farm animals image (removed the background and saved as a .jpg).

After measuring the plate to determine size requirements, I used my electronic die cutting machine to cut the stencils from etchmask. You could use a manual die cutting machine, stencils, or freehand draw your lettering and image if desired. 

I used the pick tool to remove the centers of the cut images as I wanted to create stencils for etching. 

I placed a sheet of transfer paper (included in the Stencil Combo Pack) over the stencils.  The transfer paper will ensure that all those little bits and pieces stay right where they are supposed to be when transferring  the stencil to the glass.

Next, I placed the stencils onto the plate.  I use scrap pieces of etchmask to mask around the stencils just to ensure I don’t get any etchall® creme where I don’t want it. 

A thick coat of etchall® creme was applied and allowed to set for 15 minutes. The creme was then returned to the bottle for later use.  Etchall® is re-usable! 

Lastly, I washed the plate and removed the etchmask. With etchall® it’s easy to get a perfect etched result every time! 



Now I just need to get baking and it will be ready to deliver! 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Golden Peacock Polymer Clay Pendant Collection

It is the most satisfying feeling to be able to create beautiful jewelry using products in your own product line! I love experimenting with my Cindi McGee Designs Paisley Peacock silkscreens, texture sheet, and new paisley clay cutters!  These pendants feature one of the silkscreens and the texture sheet.  

Makin’s Professional® Cutting Mat, Ultimate Clay Extruder® - Round hole disc 
Makin’s® Clay Roller & Clay Tools
Round clay cutter set 
CreateAlong.com Cindi’s Peacocks Silkscreen 
CreateAlong.com Cindi’s Peacocks Texture Sheet
CreateAlong.com Golden hot fix crystals 
Gold acrylic paint 
Gold DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™
Gold satin cording 
Beacon Adhesives™ Tacky Glue 

For Pendant 1 - Peacock Mandala 

Roll white clay to about 1/4” thick. 

Place silkscreen orange side down onto rolled clay sheet. 

Use scraper or squeegee to apply gold metallic paint to peacock mandala image on silkscreen. Lift silkscreen to reveal image, wash silkscreen immediately for later use. 

Let silkscreened image dry. Use round cutter approximately same size as image and cut out image. Let dry for about 20 minutes.

Roll another sheet of white clay about 1/4” thick. Place peacock texture sheet over the sheet and roll with roller to texture the sheet.

Use larger round cutter to cut disc from textured clay sheet. 

Apply gold Metallic Lustre to highlight details of texture

Place a small ball of scrap clay onto textured disc (I offset my focal image to the bottom of the circle). Place the mandala image over the ball of clay and genty press with the palm of your hand to push the edges down and create a “domed” mandala image.

Use extruder to extrude a strand of white clay. Add a touch of tacky glue around mandala image on textured disc. Carefully position the extruded strand to encircle the mandala.

Apply gold Metallic Lustre to outer edges of strand.

Add tacky glue to the edge where the strand meets the mandala and apply golden hot fix crystals around the image. 

Make a small hole at the top center of the textured disc for the cording.

Let dry 24 hours.  

Apply gold Metallic Lustre to outer edges of the textured disc.  

Add gold cording.

For Pendant 2 - Peacock Feather & Paisley Circle 

Roll white clay to about 1/4” thick. 

Place silkscreen orange side down onto rolled clay sheet. 

Use scraper or squeegee to apply gold metallic paint to round peacock feather and paisley  image on silkscreen. Lift silkscreen to reveal image, wash silkscreen immediately for later use. 

Let silkscreened image dry. Use round cutter approximately same size as image and cut out image.

Add a small amount of metallic gold paint to white clay.  Begin to blend just enough to marbleize the clay. 

Roll marbleized clay about 1/4” thick. Use larger round cutter to cut disc.

Apply gold Metallic Lustre to outer edges of both discs

Add tacky glue to the back of the silkscreened disc and mount centered on marbleized base.

Add tacky glue and mount 3 golden hot fix crystals to accent one of the silkscreened paisley images. 

Make two small holes about 1” apart  at the top of the base disc for the cording.

Let dry 24 hours.  

Add gold cording.

Instructions for Pendant 3 - Golden Peacock - will be shared on the Makin’s Clay® Blog soon.