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Monday, April 17, 2017

Etched Monogram Vintage Window Mirror

Etched Monogram Vintage Window Mirror 

A friend of ours repurposed a vintage window frame from his family home and created this fantastic large mirror.  Etchall® was the perfect way to create a decorative monogram!  This project is also featured this week in my Cindi's Creative Solutions article on When Creativity Knocks.


Vintage window frame with mirror cut to fit the frame 
  • Or purchase a mirror in the desired size….
etchall® Creme 
etchall® Squeegee
etchall® etchmask™ Stencil ComboPack 
Computer & printer 
Plaid® Martha Stewart Crafts® Laser-Cut Stencils, Nautical Study - Rope 
Painter’s tape 
Permanent marker 
Window cleaner & paper towels 


Determine the preferred size for your finished monogram.  Choose a font that you like and enlarge the letter to the appropriate size.    For this mirror, we wanted a large monogram - so the size of the lettering was set to 650 pt.  The font selected was “handwriting-draft_free-version” which was downloaded from the internet.  

Print the letter and cut out the letter itself. 

Use a permanent marker to trace the letter onto etchmask™.  

To create the stencil, cut out the “inside” portion of the letter. 

Place transfer sheet from ComboPack onto the stencil.  

Clean the mirror.

Place transfer sheet with stencil onto mirror, using a ruler to ensure your letter is straight and centered.  The sheet allows you to reposition the stencil as needed before adhering for etching. 

Begin lifting away transfer sheet and peeling back and removing sections of the etchmask® backing.  I worked from the top to about half way down, then from the bottom up to the center again, smoothing the etchmask™ stencil in place on the mirror. 

Use squeegee to apply a thick coat of etchall® Creme over the monogram.  Let set 15 minutes.  Use squeegee to carefully scrape and remove creme and return to the bottle for re-use.   Remove stencil and clean mirror ot remove remaining etching creme residue.

For the decorative rope border stencil, I chose a premade stencil.  Use the ruler to determine straight placement along the outside of your monogram.  Tape in place with painter’s tape.  Carefully apply a thick coat of etchall® Creme.   Let set 15 minutes.  Use squeegee to carefully scrape and remove creme and return to the bottle for re-use.   Carefully lift the stencil from the mirror, and then clean remaining creme from the mirror.  Let mirror dry, then re-align border stencil and continue etching around the letter. 

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