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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smoothfoam™ Denim & Burlap Tattered Fabric American Flag Wreath

Smoothfoam’s new RULED wreaths make creating projects like this one easier than ever - the space for each color is already perfectly measured!   Be sure to check out the Designer Crafts Connection blog to see what the other participating designers have made with these great pre-measured, ruled wreaths!   There are some really neat ideas! 


Smoothfoam™ Ruled Wreath 
Smoothfoam™ Stars
Denim -(I repurposed an old pair of jeans!)
Red burlap - burlapfabric.com
White cotton  fabric
Hot glue gun 
DecoArt® Americana® Multi-Purpose Satin paint - Cotton Ball, True Blue 
DecoArt® Americana® Weathered Wood™ Crackle Finish 
Paintbrush, scissors 


I tore my denim as I wanted rough edges, but you could also just cut strips.   Make one strip about 2” x 10”, and several strips about 1/2” wide.  Tie all the small strips into knotted sections, so that about 2” on each side of knot remains.   Cut each knot apart, leaving 1” on the side of each knot. 

Wrap the 2” strip around the wreath, filling in 2 of the pre-measured sections, and glue in place.   Glue the knotted pieces of denim over the wrapped area until all the space is filled. 

Repeat with white cotton fabric - tear four 2” x 6” strips.  Tear several small 1/2” strips, knot and cut apart as with denim strips.   Beginning with second pre-measured section from the denim, wrap white cotton fabric around the wreath and glue in place.  Skip one section, and mount next strip.  Skip another section, and mount third, skip another and then mount 4th piece of white fabric.  Glue small knotted sections over white fabric to cover all area.

For the red burlap, use scissors to cut 2” x 6” strips.  Cut several small 1/2” strips, knot, and cut apart as with blue and white strips.   Beginning with first pre-measured section from the denim, wrap red burlap fabric around the wreath and glue in place.  Continue wrapping and mounting red burlap around open pre-measured sections of wreath.  Glue small knotted sections over red burlap to cover all area.  

Use end of paintbrush to smooth raised area on three Smoothfoam™ stars.  Paint with one coat of True Blue DecoArt® Multi-Surface Satin™ paint.  Let dry.

Apply coat of Weathered Wood™ crackle to each star.   Let dry and apply coat of Cotton Ball DecoArt® Multi-Surface Satin™ paint.  Let dry.   Crackle will begin almost immediately. 


Glue stars over denim area on wreath.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous project, Cindi! What a great way to use up old jeans!

  2. I love how you placed the stars in the blue section of the wreath.

  3. Love the wreath and the supplies that you used! You always have the most perfect tutorials! :-)

  4. Love it, Cindi. I like how you painted the stars

  5. Love it, Cindi. I like how you painted the stars

  6. Absolutely one of my favorites since this is my favorite holiday

  7. Great job Cindi! Love how your design featured the measurements on the wreath :)