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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Makin's Clay® Summer Sherbet Tube Bead Bracelet

This week in my Cindi's Simple Solutions article for When Creativity Knocks I'm sharing this simple tube bead bracelet project!

The refreshing colors of summer sherbet are popping up everywhere in fashion this season.   This simple bracelet made of extruded Makin’s Clay® will pair perfectly with a summer tee-shirt in those sherbet shades.  Why not make one in all the colors of the season to add some flare to your casual outfits?


Makin’s Clay® - White 60g 
Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Extruder™ - Disc #4
Makin’s® Claycore® Extruder Adaptors - 2mm 
JudiKins™ Diamond Glaze™ 
Oil Pastels 
Beading wire, crimp, closure 
Jewelry pliers, scissors 


Place White Makin’s Clay® into Ultimate Clay Extruder™.  Place ClayCore® adaptor over clay at end of barrel.  Add cap with round disc #4.  

Extrude 3 clay tubes, refilling extruder with additional clay as needed.   Store any unused clay in zipper bag with damp paper towel or moist towelette. 

Let dry 24 hours.

Use scissors to cut 3 tubes large enough to go around wrist for bracelet.

Apply pink, coral and yellow oil pastels directly to extruded clay tubes.    Simply color onto tube and blend shades with fingers.

Apply JudiKins™ Diamond Glaze™ and let dry. 

Insert jewelry wire through each tube. Create a loop at each end and add crimp.  (I intermingled my beads a bit before adding the second crimp).  Trim ends of wire.  Attach closure.  

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