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Monday, April 11, 2016

Vibrant Macaw Feather Choker Necklace

This photo of two scarlet macaws I took on a trip to Aruba is still one of my favorite photos.  The colors are just so vibrant and eye catching.  My favorite cobalt blue, startling red, and bold yellow with just the right touch of gorgeous green....... When I saw this fabulous feather mold from Createalong.com I knew immediately what the perfect project would be!  I am really happy with the resulting choker - what fun it would be to wear this summer with even a simple t-shirt in a matching hue.   Makin's Clay® is so soft it was easy to mold my feathers, and the Metallic Lustre™ gives each feather just enough shine and shimmer to each feather- and I was even to add that touch of gorgeous green!


Makin’s Clay® - Red, Blue, Yellow 
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ - Radient Red, Cosmic Blue, Elegant Emerald, Gold Rush
Small green glass beads
Jewelry wire, closure, pliers


Cut jewelry wire to the desired length.  

Use Red, Yellow and Blue Makin’s Clay® to make an assortment of both sizes of feather using the CreateAlong.com Feather Mold. 

Arrange as desired. 

Alternating between a green glass bead and then a feather, begin mounting to jewelry wire by making a small ball of clay in the same color of each feather, place beneath the wire.  Then gently press the feather over the ball of clay to adhere the two pieces.  Fresh clay will stick to fresh clay without additional adhesive.  If your feathers have started to dry just slightly, moisten with a touch of water.  If adhesive is needed, use Beacon® 527 to mount feather to ball of fresh clay.   

To give the feathers a touch of shimmer, apply Cosmic Blue Metallic Lustre™ to blue feathers, Radiant Red to red feathers, Gold Rush to yellow, then just a touch of Elegant Emerald to the bottom area on the yellow feathers.  

Add closure.

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