Hummingbird Feeder

Have you heard? March is National Craft Month!  Many of the talented artists who are part of the Designer Craft Blog Connection want to share their creative projects with you.  Some are even offering give away opportunities so don't miss your chance for creative inspiration and prizes!  Follow the link on the right to see what each of them is sharing as we add new projects for this first Monday in March! 

Among the reasons I love spring so much are the song of spring peeper frogs in the woods behind our home, the pops of brightly colored daffodils, crocuses, and black raspberry ice cream colored Redbud trees here in NC,  and the reappearance of my tiny feathered friends - HUMMINGBIRDS!

In this episode of When Creativity Knocks shot on site at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA, Ana Araujo, Megan Araujo and I get get a bit silly as I share a way to repurpose water bottles with a few simple supplies and create a colorful hummingbird reader for your yard.  Having a clean hummingbird feeder is very important to the health of the birds, so this project is designed so the bottles themselves can be removed when they become dirty, making it easy to add a new clean bottle to feed our buzzing feathered friends.    

WCK even has affordable kits available if you decide you'll give this project a try and watch these little flying jewels of nature flock to your yard for refreshment!


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