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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Iridescent Garden Fairy Cameo Pendant


Makin’s Clay® - Natural 60g
Makin's® Cutting Mat 
Silver Flower Bezel -  Rou Romantique by Kristen Robinson for ICE Resin®
DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic - Foliage Green
DecoArt® Media® - Fluid Acrylic - Interference Green
Beacon® Power Tac Adhesive
May Arts® Leaf Ribbon - Green 
Silver toggle jewelry closure
Jewelry pliers 
Fine paintbrush 


Use Natural Makin’s Clay® to make fairy using CreateAlong.com Fairy Cabochon Mold.  

While clay is still fresh, apply a layer of Beacon Power Tac over entire inner section of bezel, being sure to have adhesive at the outer edges of the oval.  Power Tac is very strong, has no odor, and works wonderfully with Makin's Clay® and a variety of other materials. Carefully insert the cabochon and gently press down to adhere, taking care to be sure the edges are pushed flush with the edge of the bezel.  Makin’s Clay® has a very minuscule amount of shrinkage as it dries. By following these steps, you will ensure that the clay stays securely in place as it dries and does not shrink away from the edges of the bezel.  

Create a wash with a small amount of Foliage Green DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic paint and water.   Use fine paint brush to paint clay area around fairy.

Let clay dry 24 hours.  Add leaf ribbon and closure to form necklace for pendant.  

Optional:  I decided after the piece was finished it needed just a touch of iridescence.  To achieve that effect, I used my fingertip and applied a very light coat of DecoArt® Media® - Fluid Acrylic - Interference Green over the fairy - the result is a very subtle luminescence - just what I wanted to finish the piece! 


  1. This piece is OUTSTANDING, I love the color and the entire piece!

  2. wow, it really picked up on all the details, I love it!