Monogramed Crystal Prom Corsage

Create a custom made prom corsage with a lasting keepsake pendant - it's easy with etchall®!


etchall® etchmask™
etchall® Squeegee
etchall® Pick Tool
Electronic die cutting machine
Connie Crystal flat backed crystal pendant 
Thin wire 
Stretch corsage bracelet 
Organza ribbon - I used 1/4” and 5/8”.
Flowers - Use fresh or artificial - either work.  I used artificial filler flowers and fresh red roses. 
Floral ribbon


Select desired font and size monogram to fit on the flat space on the crystal.  My monogram is sized to about 3/4” tall x 1/2” wide at the base.  

Use electronic die cutting machine to cut monogram from etchmask™.  (I printed a few sizes to have a variety to compare). 

Use pick tool to remove letter from etchmask - we are using the negative space. 

Leave at least 1” of space around the letter and cut the letter free from the sheet. 

Peel off of bakcing and place with sticky side facing upwards onto a flat surface.  Carefully place flat side of crystal over the letter and where it is where you want it etched, press onto the etchmask.  Note - I used hte pick tool to remove the additional piece of my “A” and insert it back into the image.    Press firmly to ensure all edges of the etchmask aruond the letter are adhered tightly to the crystal. 

Apply a thick coat of etchall® creme.  Let set 15 minutes.  

Return creme to bottle.  etchall® is reusable! 

Wash crystal and remove etchmask.  Set aside. 

I followed an online tutorial for the construction of the corsage - there are many written and video options.   The basic steps were as follows: 

Cut a few stems of the filler flowers. Gather together, then create small loops with the 1/4” ribbon around the flowers as shown.  Wrap with floral ribbon (or glue together if desired).  Repeat to make a second set.   Then use floral tape to wrap the ends of each bundle together in the center. 
Place this base onto the center of the bracelet.  Use thin wire to tie in place.  


Cut stems of two focal flowers about 2” from flower.  Place flowers in opposite directions and tape stems together.  Trim ends as needed. 

Wire to bracelet over the base flowers. 

Create a multiple loop organza bow with the 5/8” ribbon.  (Note:  the corsage shown in the photo was "Plan B" to better match her gown - it has black and white organza ribbon added to the red....)

Wire to the center of the bracelet between the focal flowers.  

Add a piece of wire to the hole in the monogramed crystal pendant. 

 Place the pendant centered over the bow and allow it to hang down from the arrangement .  Wire in place. 

Wrap with additional red ribbon to hide the wire. 

Add a few of the filler flowers over the ends of the wire, above the crystal.  I wired mine in place and added more ribbon to cover the wires, but you could also glue them in place. 


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