Witches' Brew Etched Wine Glass

The time for all things spooky is fast approaching!  Create your own etched glass “witches’ brew” glass for lemonade, juice, soda, or even “spirits,” and have a little fun this Halloween season!    It’s easy with etchall®! 


etchall® Reposition/Re-Use Stencil Spray
etchall® Etching Creme 
etchall® Squeegee 
etchall® Resist Gel 
ethcall® etchmask®
Alphabet stencils 
DecoArt® Frost Gloss Enamels™ - Green
Large wine glass - mine has a smoked glass stem & base and came from Dollar Tree
Permanent black marker 
Sea sponge 
Disposable paper/newspaper 


Cut individual letter stencils from large sheet of mylar alphabet stencils.  

Flip them over so the back side of each letter is facing upward on a disposable paper surface outside.  Hold the can of etchall® Reposition/Re-Use Stencil Spray 8-12 inches from the stencils.  Apply a light even coat of spray to each letter.  Let dry until tacky.  

Wash and dry large wine glass.  

Apply letter stencils, one letter at a time, to top area of glass and use permanent marker to fill in the lettering through each letter. 

Simply peel the stencil off the glass and set aside for later use.  Continue until you have spelled out “Witches’ Brew”.

The etchall® Reposition/Re-Use Stencil Spray allows you to easily adhere stencils to many surfaces, even curved surfaces like a glass or vase.   

Trace each letter with etchall® Restist Gel.  Let dry until clear.  


Cut a strip of etchmask with a wavey, curved edge.  Apply the etchmask beneath the lettering as shown.

Use squeegee to apply a thick coat of etchall® Creme to the area above the etchmask®, over the lettering.

Let set 15 minutes.   

Use squeegee to return creme to bottle for later use.  Wash glass to remove remaining cream.  While you are washing, the resist gel lettering, along with the marker, will release from the surface of the glass.

Remove etchmask.   Let glass dry thoroughly.   

Use sea sponge to lightly sponge the area beneath  the etching with Green Frost Gloss Enamels™.   Bake according to manufacturer instructions to permanently set paint.  

Fill with your favorite “witches’ brew” and have a bit of fun this Halloween season! 


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