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Sunday, August 21, 2016

BEE HOPEFUL - Hearts of Hope for Children Facing Cancer in Serbia

BEE HOPEFUL!  I just completed these Hearts of Hope which will be shipped off tomorrow to prepare for their journey to Serbia. 

Artist Anya Artesania​ is coordinating this campaign - here is more info:   Every day, one child in Serbia is diagnosed with cancer. Every week, one child in Serbia dies of cancer. More than 500 children in Serbia are treated for cancer during the year. Join me, make FIMO HEARTS OF HOPE to help children with cancer in Serbia. For more info about the campaign and how to participate click on this link.

Note: My hearts are not made with FIMO, but with Makin's Clay® - But Anya did state that although those coordinating this effort suggest using FIMO,  other clays were acceptable if artists were more comfortable working with them.  


Makin’s Clay® - Earth Tones  120g - Straw, Persimmon, Light Adobe (these three clays from the Earth Tones multi-pack are enough to make approximately 5 hearts). 
Makin’s Clay® - Natural - 60g
Makin’s® Clay Roller 
Makin’s® Cutting Mat
Makin’s® Texture Sheets Set C - Honey Comb
Makin’s® 3 Piece Heart Clay Cutter Set 
Beacon™ Power Tac™ Adhesive 
DecoArt® Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ - Gold
DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ - Gold Rush 
DecoArt® Americana® Spray Sealer - Matte
Small bee rubber stamp 
Provo Craft® Alphabet & Number rolling stamp 
Permanent black ink pad 
Permanent yellow marker 
Small paint brush 
Pin backs 


Make a ball with Straw, Persimmon and Light Adobe clay. Place Honey Comb texture sheet over clay, press to flatten to about 1/2”. 

Place plastic wrap over clay and use largest heart cutter to cut heart from center of each piece of textured clay.   Combine scraps from all three colors and repeat to make two more hearts.  Place scraps into zipper bag with damp paper towel for use in a few steps...

Roll Natural clay very thin (less than 1/8”).  Ink small bee stamp with permanent ink and stamp 5 times onto rolled clay.    

Spell out BEE HOPEFUL on rolling stamp.  Ink with black permanent ink and stamp onto rolled clay.  Use scissors to cut just above and below the words to make strips. 

Wrap a strip, centered, around point of heart. If your clay is still fresh, no adhesive is needed.  If it has begun to dry, apply a small amount of Beacon™ Power-Tac™ before mounting. 

Cut out around each bee.  Color stripes with permanent yellow marker.  

Apply light touch of Gold Metallic Lustre™ over honeycomb.  

Combine remaining scraps of clay from hearts, roll very thin (less than 1/8”).  Cut small strips and fold to make small ribbons.  Paint each ribbon with Gold Multi-Surface Satin™ acrylic.  Let dry.

Use Power-Tac™ to mount bee and ribbon to front of hearts. 

Texture remaining rolled clay from hearts with Honey Comb texture sheet.  Cut small rectangles the same width as the base of your pin backs.  

Use Power-Tac™ to mount pin backs to back of each heart, then apply Power-Tac™ to entire back surface of each rectangle, and mount over base of pin back to securely hold in place.  Let clay and adhesive dry for 24 hours.  Spray entire heart with Matte sealant. 

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