Rustic Memories Frame Lamp

Today I'm sharing a project I designed featuring a brand new product from etchall®!  Lighten Up kits!  You can turn anything you can imagine into a lamp with this great new kit.   I etched a photo frame, added some burlap and a bit of chicken wire to create this very rustic frame lamp - I can add photos, change them out, etc. as desired quickly and easily. 


4” x 6” wooden frame 
etchall® Etching Cream 
etchall® Lighten Up Kit 
etchall® etchmask™
etchall® Resist Gel 
Sizzix® Big Shot™
Sizzix® Thinlits Die Set - Alphanumeric
DecoArt® Americana Decor™ Chalky Finish Paint - Treasure 
DecoArt® Americana Decor™ Creme Wax - Golden Brown 
MD® Hobby & Craft Chicken Wire burlap 
Wooden dowel - cut to desired length - this will vary depending on dimensions of shade and space you wish to have between your base object and the shade 
Wooden disc small enough to fit inside round space on inside top of lamp shade 
Paper towels, tooth pick, paint brush, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks 

Paint frame, dowel, and wooden disc with “Treasure” Chalky Finish Paint.  Let dry.  

Use paper towel to apply Golden Brown Creme Wax to all painted pieces.  Wipe away while still wet - only allowing wax to stay in recessed areas and tint/age painted wood.   Let dry. 

Use Big Shot™ and Alphanumeric dies to cut out “MEMORIES” from etchmask™.    Place onto glass from frame centered on left side.  

Place a small amount of Resist Gel onto  a plate, use tooth pick to carefully write out “The best thing about”  above MEMORIES, and “is making them.” beneath.  The tip on the Resist Gel bottle allows you to write with the gel, but since I needed such small writing for this small frame, it was easier to apply the gel with a toothpick.   Allow to dry until clear (it begins to dry fast, which is why you can barely see the Resist Gel at the end of “them” in this photo!).  
When resist gel is completely clear, apply etchall® creme over writing on glass - I wanted a haphazard "dry brushed" effect so my edges are purposely uneven.   Let set 15 minutes.  Return creme to bottle, rinse glass to remove remaining cream, remove etchmask™ letters, and use fingers to gently scrub and release resist gel.  Let dry. 

Remove template from lamp shade in Lighten Up kit.  Cut out burlap using template for top and left to right dimensions, but allowing burlap to extend about 3" beneath the bottom of the template.  

Use wire cutters to cut piece of chicken wire the same size as the burlap. 

Insert batteries into lamp shade.  Cut burlap circle about 1" larger than top of shade.   Use double sided tape to mount burlap circle over top of shade (double sided tape makes it easier to remove fabric for replacement of batteries, etc.) 

Use double sided tape to mount burlap around shade - I used the tape holding on the top piece of burlap to hold the top of the burlap for the shade, and added a piece of double sided tape vertically where the two edges of the burlap met. I also used double sided tape to hold the two ends of the burlap together.  

Wrap chicken wire around shade.  Use pliers to bend sharp points around to avoid injury.  If needed, trim chicken wire around bottom of burlap with wire cutters, then use pliers to bend sharp points around to avoid injury.   Wrap ends of wire around opposed side where two sides meet to hold in place.  

Determine number of photos you wish to add, size appropriately and print.  Insert into chicken wire on shade.  

Also print photo for right side of frame.  

Cut piece of burlap 4" x 6" for inside of frame.   Dry brush on Treasure Chalky Finish paint in area where etched writing will be.  Let dry.  Apply light touch of Golden Brown Creme Wax.  Let dry.  
Assemble frame with photo on right side of burlap and etched writing over painted area on left. 

Hot glue disc to top of dowel.  Extend back of frame so frame is standing.  Hot glue dowel with disc on top to back center of frame with stand in place.  

Press button inside shade top to activate.  Place shade on top of flat disc.  


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