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Monday, November 16, 2015

Makin's Clay® Faux Jade Pendant

It's easy to create faux jade with Makin's Clay®, JudiKins™ Clay Squishers, and DecoArt® paints.

Faux Jade Pendant  


Makin’s Clay® (www.makins-usa.com)
    - White 60g
            - Round Clay Cutters 
            - Clay Tools 
            - Cutting Mat
           - Americana® Acrylic - Hauser Green Light, Plantation Pine
           - Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™-    Turf Green
JudiKins™ (www.judikins.com
    - Clay Squisher - “Japan”
            - Diamond Glaze™
Straw, red satin cording 


Begin mixing white Makin’s Clay® with DecoArt® Turf Green and Hauser Green Light
acrylic paint (about a nickel sized amount of each color).   Do not mix entirely - you want there to be slight marbling of the colors.  Add a small drop of DecoArt® Plantation Pine paint and mix in lightly, again marbling the darker green paint.   

Use Clay Roller to roll clay to about 1/4”.  Place onto JudiKins™ Clay Squisher over desired pattern and roll again lightly to impress pattern onto clay.  

Use largest circle cutter from 3 piece set and cut circle from impressed clay.  

Smooth edges of circle with fingers.  Use straw to cut hole in center of clay circle.   

Apply JudiKins™ Diamond Glaze™ to front and sides.  Let dry, apply to back.  Let dry and add red satin cording. 

60g of Makin's Clay® will give you enough faux jade to make many pendants - each one will be unique and have it's own color variations.

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