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Thursday, August 6, 2015

"BEAUTY" Etched Mirror Dresser Tray featuring etchall® Products

"Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes.” - Sophia Loren  

A friend of ours recently gave me this mirrored dresser tray that belonged to his mother after she passed away.   It was pretty the way it was, but to me it called out for some etched enhancements!   This lovely quote from beauty icon Sophia Loren just seemed like the perfect choice.

I also have to tell you that this project was a test of my patience….  I had a bit of an “etchastrophy” and had to try to think of a creative solution - but sometimes mistakes lead the way to an even better finished project!

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Mirrored dresser tray 
etchall® - Etching Cream 
              - Designer Tip Kit 
DecoArt® Frost Gloss Enamels - Green 
Plaid® - Martha Stewart Crafts® Adhesive Silkscreens - Bodoni Alphabet 
            - Martha Stewart Crafts® Fair Isle Dots Adhesive Stencils
Loew-Cornell® Simply Art™ Brushes 


Use ruler to align Bodoni alphabet lettering to spell out BEAUTY on mirror.  
Use Designer Tip Kit to apply etchall® to the open spaces on the lettering silkscreens.  Let set 15 minutes.  Rinse clean, carefully removing silkscreens.  

This is where the “etchastrophy” came in - As you can see in the step-out pictures, I had used small alphabet stencils to spell out the remainder of the quote along the bottom edge of the mirror.  However, I didn’t have enough letters so I had left spaces for the missing letters.  Well, I goofed.  The spaces I left were no where near large enough for the lettering I had to add.  So….. on to plan B.    

Use 1/2” brush to apply etchall® around entire outer edge of mirror.  

Let set 15 minutes, carefully return cream from edge of tray to bottle.  Rinse mirror clean. 

Hand write the remainder of the verse  onto lined paper, cut out.  Use as a guide when using the Designer Tip Kit to write out the remainder of the quote beneath the word BEAUTY.  Let set 15 minutes and rinse clean. 

Working in small sections and allowing to dry between each application, using small leaves
stencil from Fair Isle Dots set, use small paintbrush to apply Green Frost Gloss Enamels around edge of tray at edge of etched area. 

Choose another small dotted image/line stencil from Fair Isle Dots set, use paintbrush to apply Green Frost Gloss Enamels beneath the word “BEAUTY”.  


  1. Congrats!!!!!! Lovely. The words by Sophia were breath taking! And Cindi, if this is an etchatrosphy....keep them coming!!! Your recovery ideas were well thought out. Keep those elite ideas coming!!! Barbee

  2. What a beautiful project for your dresser...very classy.