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Monday, May 7, 2012

Chunky Makin's Clay® Necklace - Designer Craft Blog Connection

One of the themes for May's Designer Craft Blog Connection hop is Quick and Easy Jewelry Anyone Can Make - While this project was originally created as a lanyard for CHA - it would also make a unique accent necklace.  It’s chunky, rich toned colors and bit of fiber fringe would be great layered over a cozy sweater.    Create it in pastel or bright tones, use a bit of cheerful ribbon instead of fiber, and it would be a funky accent over a spring or summer t-shirt.   The best part is it could not be easier to create.  All you need is a multi-color package of Makin’s Clay®, good sharp heavy scissors like Westcott Titanium Non-Stick scissors, and fiber or ribbon.   I used clay that was actually old, outdated and had been accidentally left in storage in my attic.  I could have reconstituted it with water (another great thing about Makin’s Clay®), but instead I used it in the brick form it was already dried in and sliced it into beads with the heavy scissors.  The fiber was strung onto an upholstery needle and then pushed through the center of the square beads.  To re-create this technique if you don’t happen to have old, outdated, dried clay bricks (gee, who wouldn’t have those around in their creative stash?) first open the box of clay, and remove the individual colors from the outside packaging.  Carefully remove packaging from individual colors (if clay sticks to packaging during removal, you can hand form your bricks again - I liked the random effect on the sides of the dried clay so don’t create perfectly smooth bricks unless you desire that effect.   Let dry at least overnight.   Carefully slice into chunks using heavy scissors.  String onto ribbon or fiber in desired pattern, allowing space between each cluster of beads so ribbon/fiber shows.  Add closure mechanism and your finished.  

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  1. What a way to 'recycle' dried clay! Love the way you created this necklace/lanyard.


  2. I love the natural, organic look of the beads!

  3. Love the idea for making this with dried clay I normally would throw out. The end result is spectacular


  4. Love the chunky necklace, Cindi. Brilliant design with the clay squares. Thanks for sharing all the details.

  5. I never even thought about using up old clay! Brilliant! Such a lovely necklace!

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