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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sock Monkey Goes MEOW (or ROAR!)

“Okay....here’s my plan.  If I sit really still, I’ll blend in well now and she might not  notice I’m not a FELINE!”

Anyone who knows me well knows that my favorite color is TEAL and I am obsessed with all cats - domestic and large wild cats like leopards, lions, cheetahs, and tigers.  Combining the two?   Uhhhhh, what?  My motto has always been “Dare to be different” and true to that, my new studio space is painted a lovely shade reminiscent of a tropical sea.   Valance curtains made from Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Fabric in a turquoise blue and leopard print, along with a fun accent pillow, a bulletin board and a mouse pad further pulled together two of my favorite things.   Mix in an eclectic mix of antique furniture (and a few newer pieces out of necessity) and you have a peak at my happy place!

Enter Sock Monkey!  He fit in my studio space just fine as he’s a fun retro toy which goes along with my antique furniture.  But he felt sort of outnumbered among all my cats - pillows, leopard print accents, framed layouts of my cats throughout the years, glass and porcelain cats I’ve collected, and stuffed wild cats given to me as gifts.  First, he sneaked into my stash of Rit Liquid Dye and dyed himself TEAL!  Then, my monkey decided to take the “if you can’t beat them, join them” philosophy and whipped himself up a head to toe leopard costume out of extra leopard print Shannon Fabrics Cuddle fabric from my vintage trunk full of fabric.   Complete with a hat with kitty cat shaped ear covers, a tail cover, and a little nose mask with whiskers, he fits right in now with all my themes, yet maintains his individuality with his fun loving monkeying around! 

This whimsical holiday card was created using JudiKins adorable Sock Monkey rubber stamp - a definite must have item for anyone whose heart sees the charm of these vintage cuddles.  I used the leftover sock scraps after making the monkey and assorted black Blumenthal Lansing buttons to embellish the card.   The teal card stock was made by crumpling a piece of white card stock, unfolding, and then placing into the leftover dye after I dyed my monkey.   I do this every time I dye with the leftover dye and now have quite a stash of colorful custom colored card stock.  Prismacolor watercolor pencils were used to color the stamped monkeys.  The front of the card features a removable sock monkey holiday ornament - made from an oval of natural colored Makin's Clay, stamped with the monkey image, and trimmed with more of the sock scraps.

The Designer Craft Connection blog hop this month is sponsored by When Creativity Knocks, FoxRiver, Rit Dye, and Judikins!    27 Designers received a package of goodies including WCK’s Sock Monkeys Go BanAnas VideoBook, Rockford Red Heal socks, a Judikins Sock Monkey rubber stamp, and up to 3 shades of Rit Liquid Dye of their choice - then their creativity was unleashed and they were challenged to create 27 unique sock monkeys!   The timing of this blog hop is perfect - Sock Monkeys seem to be popping up everywhere - while shopping recently I spotted them taking over the local Cracker Barrel restaurant gift shop!    Yes - that's Santa Monkey on the very top of the tree! 

Click on the Designer Craft Connection link on the right to see all the amazing designs they dreamed up!    But wait, there's more!   You could be a winner! 

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    1. You are so creatives it amazes me! I love your sock monkey. I pinned him on my Sock Monkey board on Pintrest!

    2. So cute and sassy -- love your take on the sock monkey :)

    3. This monkey is the cat's meow! I love the leopard print camo! You are so clever!

    4. Crazy cool cat! Such a great sock monkey idea, love the originality!