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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop - Week #4 - Eileen Hull's Frame & Frame Back w/Stand

While stretching my creative imagination this week I decided to stretch this single set of dies to create a frame into two totally different frames. 


Eileen Hull's Sizzix ScoreBoards Pro Die - # 656835 - Frame & Frame Back w/Stand http://www.sizzix.com/product/2352
Sizzix 38-0218 Leaf #1 die (sorry but this one's an oldy but goody - not on the current Sizzix website).
Makin's Clay, Makin's Ultimate Clay Machine, Makin's Texture Sheet
Judikin's Diamond Glaze
Pebbles, Inc.           http://www.pebblesinc.com/
Elmer's Craft Bond Adhesive - http://www.elmers.com/
White ribbon, tiny glass marbles, Bedazzles, white texture paint, Blumenthal Lansing button

The first features Makin's Clay "tiles" - clay was rolled into thin sheets, then textured with Makin's Texture Sheets.  Once dry, they were die cut using the Sizzix Leaf #1 die.  The individual leaves were cut into pieces and reassembled to resemble tile on the backing board.  Judikins Diamond Glaze was applied over each leaf and allowed to dry.  White texture paint was applied over the entire piece to fill in the cracks like grout - and then wiped off the leaves themselves before it dried.  The top frame on the piece was covered with another sheet of brown Makin's Clay rolled and textured, then the Judikins Diamond Glaze was applied.  This top frame was mounted so it is raised off of the base approximately 1/4" adding more depth to the finished piece.  Lastly, 3 more clay leaves and a bit of brown clay around the outer edge finished off the frame. 

On to Annabelle & Larry!  Pretty coordinating papers from Pebbles, Inc. were used to cover these two pieces of the frame die.  The flower components were covered with Judikins Diamond Glaze and tiny glass marbles & Bedazzles were applied.  A Blumenthal Lansing button is the center of this dimensional flower accent.  The flower was mounted to the back of the TOP frame, and the photo is mounted to the back of the base frame, adding more depth & dimension to the finished project.  A bit of white ribbon with a little bow on top serves as a hanger.

Don't forget to click on the link in the upper right to check out 60 amazing designs created with this frame.


  1. Super cool to cut clay with the dies- this never works for me- also love how you made two projects~

  2. The leaves are really cool! I love both your projects. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mosaic! LOVE IT!!! Such great designs as always... Thanks for working with my die! Happy Thanksgiving...

  4. Awesome idea of cutting the clay with the die! Pretty picture frames!

  5. Precious! I just got the leaves die and you inspired me to want to play!

  6. I love your frame! Using clay was a great idea! I love how it turned out. Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Super cool...I love the clay work, it looks like a mosaic. And it coordinates with the other peice so well, I found myself checking to see if the second peice was made of clay too. really nice.