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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sizzix Triple-Play Blog Hop Week #3 - Brenda Pinnick's "Beauty Bloom"

Here it is Hop day again!  This week we were challenged with individual bags of pre cut flowers made with Brenda  Pinnick's Beauty Bloom die.  My package included flowers cut in white and yellow cardstock, and yellow felt.  I wanted to challenge myself to try to stick to the materials as close to the way I received them as possible - so I didn't experiment with other mediums like fabric or patterned papers - I kept to the yellow and white.   With a few added bits and pieces, and a little shimmer.... these were my results.

Sorry Brenda, I know this is a FLOWER die - but when I opened my bag of flowers and the two yellow felt single flower petals fell out - I immediately saw FEET.  Duck feet, or in this case, penguin feet :0).  I just had to whip up this quick little felt friend and give him some petal feet.

Next I layered three of the yellow flower centers and stitched them together, allowing them to bunch here and there, then added a few seed beads.  This one was used as an accent on a Thanksgiving place setting card.

While I was in the stitching mood, I gathered 5 of the yellow felt petals together and also stitched them to create this "bud".  A few green felt leaves, and some simple embroidered accents finished it off.  I think this would make a cute little broach, or a fun accent to a gift.

Next came the paper challenge...... I cut several of the white petals in half vertically, placed them overlapping each other slightly, and stitched them together at the base.  I then fanned them out and glued the two end pieces together to create a "morning glory" cone shaped flower.  Blue and lavendar Pearl Ex Pigment Watercolor Paint was used to give it a lovely shimmering morning glory blue tone. 
Two of the white 3 petal sets were layered and folded slightly forward.  A yellow three petal set was folded up, overlapped, and glued together to create the center "trumpet" for this faux narcissus.  White and gold Pearl Ex Pigment Watercolor Paint added a bit of shimmer, and a cardstock stem and leaves were quick finishing touches.

Materials used: 
Sizzix Originals Die - Flower, Beauty Bloom -#655455 - http://www.sizzix.com/product/939
Sizzix Big Shot Pro Die Cutting Machine - http://www.sizzix.com/product/1711
Felt – http://www.nationalnonwovens.com/
Cardstock - white, yellow, green, brown
US Artquest Pearl-Ex Pigment Watercolor Paints - http://www.usartquest.com/
Elmer's Craft Bond Adhesive - http://www.elmers.com/
Needle, embroidery floss
Seed beads
Harmonie patterned paper used on place card - http://www.loisirsharmonie.ca/

Follow the clickable link in the upper right corner of the page to see the creative interpretations of this fun die from the over 60 other participating designers - You're sure to find lots of inspiration!


  1. Wow Cindi- now that's creative! Duck feet? So clever!

  2. The duck feet are awesome! What a clever use for them. All of your projects are lovely! So much variety in one little die. A must-have!

  3. Cindi!!!! I am awestruck! I never, ever, ever would have come up with your morning glory or narcissus flower ideas and OMgosh, the penguin is adorable!!! Thank you so, so much for helping me show off the Beauty Bloom die, you are amazing!

  4. haha, love the penguin! (but I'm biased)

  5. Oh what a cutie! Would of never thought to use the petals as feet.

  6. I love the duck feet too. Ha! Thoase are great!

  7. Wow! You got every petal in there! Amazing! Great projects.

  8. Cindi- love that you tried so many mediums for the die- I have to say the beading and stitching is my fav

  9. Cindi, I saw the penquin & thought I'd clicked on the wrong blog..lol Jen is the penquin queen but this little fella is adorable! Beautiful flowers! Veronica

  10. I absolutely love that cute little penguin and the flowers are stunning.

  11. Love the stitching on the yellow, it really makes it pop!

  12. Totally love what you did!! I love the variety!

  13. They are all wonderful, but the feet are just too cute!

  14. I love the yellow felt flower! Gorgeous!

  15. These are all so cute! I love the duck feet! ADORABLE.