Black Cat Polymer Clay Ring Bowl

After a recent bowl swap on the 2017 Polymer Clay Adventure, which I was coordinating as far as repackaging and shipping out to all the participants, I was inspired to try creating a polymer clay bowl myself!   The swap bowls were absolutely amazing - my black cat ring bowl is much simpler, but I am happy with the result for my first attempt at bowl making.  This DIY video shows you the simple steps needed to create kitty cat bowls - just change the colors and you can make your bowl match your favorite fur friend.

Below are the bowls from the swap that inspired me to give it a try!   Find out more about the 2017 Polymer Clay Adventure, and join the fun before the end of the year so you can take advantage of the 24 unique classes being offered.  It comes out to just $4.16 per class! 

 It's an awesome opportunity to learn a lot more about working with polymer clay from some amazingly diverse artists, to meet many others who enjoy creating with polymer clay on the Facebook group, and to participate in awesome swaps like this one!  If you DO decide you want to know more about it - please follow my direct link -


  1. I just love the polymer clay ring bowl!

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