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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Faux Swedish Heart Polymer Clay Pendant

Faux Swedish Heart Polymer Clay Pendant

Social Media can be an amazing place to find creative inspiration!  Whether it’s a
manufacturer’s website, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest - there are seemingly endless ideas!  When I see something on one of these sites I’d like to try, my goal is not to just copy what the original artist has done - I always strive to give it a unique twist, do it a bit differently, etc.   When I saw this post on the Fairfield World Facebook page about a fabric Swedish Heart, my mind began imagining it in another material.  I went to Pinterest and searched Swedish Heart and up came a zillion ideas for creating paper hearts (like we used to make in grade school!), fabric hearts, etc., but nothing what I envisioned - a polymer clay “faux” Swedish Heart!


Makin’s Clay® - Red, White  
Makin’s® Crinkle Clay Cutter Set 
Makin’s® Clay Roller 
Makin’s® Professional® Cutting Mat 
CreateAlong.com Cherry Blossoms Silkscreen 
DecoArt® Americana® Acrylic - White 
DecoArt® Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ - Lipstick
Beacon 3-in-1 Adhesive
Scraper tool 
Craft knife 
Eye pin, jewelry closure
White organza ribbon 

Roll red clay to about 1/8”.   

Place silkscreen over rolled clay, add white acyrlic paint and gently scrape paint across screen to transfer image.   Lift silkscreen and let paint dry.  Clean silkscreen. 

Use crinkle heart cutter to cut out 2 hearts from red printed clay.  Set aside. 

Roll white clay to about 1/8”.

Place silkscreen over rolled clay, add red acrylic paint and gently scrape paint across screen to transfer image.   Lift silkscreen and let paint dry.   Clean silkscreen.  

Use crinkle heart cutter to cut out 1 heart from white printed clay. 

Use craft knife to cut 1 red heart and the white heart into two pieces as shown. 

Use craft knife to make slices in the remaining pieces of each heart as shown.

Use craft knife to cut the small sliced sections into small squares.  

Place second red heart with printed side down.  Use 3-in-1 Adhesive to mount eye pin in center with eye at top. 

Use adhesive to mount two top sides of hearts over base heart as shown. 

Apply adhesive to remaining area of heart and add the small squares, alternating colors to create the faux intertwined effect.   

Makin’s Clay® is a no-bake polymer clay, simply let it dry for 24 hours to fully cure.  

Trim any portion of eye pin extending beyond the heart.

Add white organza ribbon and a jewerly closure. 

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