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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chocolate Buttons & A Thread Spool Too!

Chocolate Buttons & Thread Spool

Even in this age of technology and using email or text for almost everything, an old fashioned THANK YOU for a gift, a good deed, or for being a friend never goes out of style.  These chocolate butons and wooden spool are a fun and unique way to say “thank you SEW much” in a way that shows you care enough to go beyond the electronic thank you! Or change your greeting and present them to someone who is “SEW Special” for a pick-me up any time of year.   Or say “We hope you feel SEW much better soon!”….There are “sew” many other fun verses you could use when these chocolate buttons would be perfect! 


Ad-Tech Hot Glue Gun, glue sticks 
Assorted buttons
Wooden spools
Paper cups 
Plate or ceramic tile 
Paintbrushes or wooden skewers 
Plastic lunch or snack sized bags 
Scissors, pinking shears 
Computer & printer
Gel pen
Round head pins 


Wash all buttons and wooden spools thoroughly before molding.  Let wooden spools dry overnight to ensure they are fully dry. 

Since I was molding buttons, and I wanted the finished chocolates to be less fragile, I hot glued two of each button back to back to create a deeper mold. 

Cut paper cups into rings to create forms for your molds. 

Hot glue the cup rings to a plate or ceramic tile. 

Hot glue the buttons to the plate/tile inside the form. 

Create two forms for the wooden spools, cut small notches in opposide sites.  Insert handle of paintbrush or wooden skewer and place in notches of forms. 

Heat Amazing Remelt, which is a food safe, re-usable  molding material, according to manufacturer instructions.  Pour into molds.  Let set according to manufacturer instructions. 

Remove forms and carefully remove mold. 

Melt chocolate slowly in a double boiler or in a microwave heating no more than 30 seconds at a time and stirring. (Tip:  I add a small touch of vegetable shortening while melting the chocolate to make it a bit smoother for pouring & molding).

Pour melted chocolate into the molds.  Let cool thoroughly.  When chocolates are set, carefully remove from molds.   If desired, repeat with assorted types of chocolate to add a variety of colors to your buttons (white chocolate, butterscotch chips….) 

When you are finished with your molds, simply remelt the Amazing Remelt material and use again for endless food-safe molding options! 

Place your chocolates into a plastic bag. 

Use pinking shears to cut a piece of fabric to fold over the top of the bag of chocolates. 

Print out “Thank you “SEW” much!” on paper.  Cut around text with pinking shears. 

Use gel pen to add faux stitching to the word SEW and around the borders.  

Use coordianting round head pins to attach the verse to the fabric and hold the fabric to the bag. 

These could even be mailed if wrapped in a small piece of bubble wrap or mailed in a padded envelope.

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