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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Makin's Clay® Ghoulish Gothic Skull Bracelet & Earrings

Today on the Makin's Clay® blog I'm sharing the instructions for this creepy jewelry set made with some of my favorite creative products from Makin's Clay®,  Alumilite/Amazing Casting Products, DecoArt®, JudiKins™ and Beacon Adhesives™!

 I love Halloween for a number of reasons.  I love spooky movies, with fabulous special effects and monster make-up (especially those made in the days when they actually used real props and make-up instead of CGI!), and I love Halloween decorations because they are creepy, silly, and fun.   As the season approaches each year my creative muse seems to kick into mega creepy mode and I just can’t find enough time to make all the spooky jewelry and decorations I envision in my head.   Thes “Creepy Gothic Skull Bracelet & Earrings" combines three ghoulish elements - skulls, spiderwebs, and blood - what could be more perfect for the spookiest time of the year?

p.s......learned a few lessons with this project!  Alumilite makes a great line of dyes for their resin - they work wonderfully.  However, being the mad scientist that I tend to be - I had to do some experimenting...... I was trying to make faux blood - which I've done before in a  number of ways - but when I tried adding food coloring to the Clear Casting Resin - bubble, bubble, toil & trouble....... YIKES - a big foamy, bubbly overflowing MESS.  On to a little red acrylic paint - similar "explosion" of ickiness - then one last try - a little red To Dye For ink - yep - you guessed it - YIKES!   Since I did not have any red dye from Alumilite - I went on to use Diamond Glaze tinted with acrylic paint instead for this project!  Lesson learned:  I must increase my stash of dyes from Alumilite because Clear Casting Resin does NOT mix well with products with water content......

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