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Monday, June 3, 2013

"Happiness is...." Designer Craft Blog Connection Hop Time!

It's the first Monday in June which means it's time for another Designer Craft Blog Connection hop!  This month our theme was "Happiness is..."   Obviously, that can be interpreted in almost endless ways....  I decided to share some examples of silly & simple things that make me happy.  Both of these layouts were created many years ago when I first began scrapbooking and was trying my hand at creating an "all about me" book.

For lots of other creative ideas all focused on the "Happiness is..." theme, be sure to click on the Designer Craft Blog Connection icon in the column on the right and see what the other designers are sharing with you today!  

I encourage you to think about the quirky things that make you happy and find a way to capture them in a journal or scrapbook album.  It's a great way to remember to enjoy the "simple" things in life, and a great way for your family to get a little peak at what makes you uniquely YOU.  - Cindi

"Three of my favorite things.  Three small pieces of the big puzzle that, when complete, make up me.  Vampire stories, chocolate, and quirky toenail polish.  Three small, simple, silly things.  Three things that make me just plain happy."  7/1/06

Remember that song from the musical "Oliver" - "Food, Glorious Food" - well my version of that song would be "Shoes, Glorious Shoes!"  Especially sandals - I absolutely love warm weather and being able to wear sandals (hey, they also show off my "quirky" toenail polish I mentioned above).  Since we moved to NC I get to wear them almost year round which truly adds to my "happiness" factor!  

"I'm a sandal JUNKIE!  Spring - Summer - Fall.  No day of fun in the sun is complete without cute sandals!!" - 5/05

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